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  1. I was cleaning up around the house and I found a soft sided fishing pole case that said True Temper on it. when I opened it there was a fiberglass looking pole on the outside of a steel tube and there was a handle on the bottom of the case. when I looked in the tube there was an aluminum fishing pole that fit into the handle which the fiberglass one didn't. Looking into it further the handle says The American Fork & Hoe CO., Geneva, Ohio. Any one ever heard of it?
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    how about posting some pics?not familiar with that particular rod,but american fork and hoe is an old company that made steel rods in the early 1900's.i owned a true temper tubular steel and a square steel rod from that company.

  3. For some reason I could not get a pic of the aluminum pole but it says oxford on it .




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    i think what you have there is a stainless rod,not aluminum.same rod i had at one time.
  5. I say either way you have a really nice piece of American fishing history on your hands there.