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  1. It sure is hard to find another retired guy who has the energy to hunt and fish and whose wife will let him go as often as mine will. :D It seems that all my buddies have either been domesticated or gotten too old.
  2. I know what you mean, I'm 21 and none of my friends want to go do anything anymore. Gets boring after fishing by yourself so many times

  3. Have met some people from this bored though who are fun to go with and knowlageable
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    I'm retired and fish at least three days a week. Also go to Canada for 3-4 weeks at least two times a year. When hunting season get here I'll either be hunting or fishing if the weather permits.After 35 years of marriage my wife just expects it, either that or she's glad I'm gone :p
  5. sauguy

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    i know what you mean. but this last year my wife has taken to fishing. she usually either out fishes me in size or numbers. it is to the point now if we don't go at least one day a week at least for a couple of hours, she is not happy, just got to get her to take the fish off the hook by herself.
  6. Suaguy: My wife will take off some fish, but when it comes to touching worms or leeches, it's my job. :D

    We have a cottage and boat at Atwood Lake and 67 acres over here in Columbiana County. The 67 acres is getting too overgrown and one guy just can't keep up with it. Everytime I give someone permission to hunt the land or fish the strip ponds I hear, "We'll help you fix up the place". I've had the land since 1973 and so far no one has been any help.
  7. star, where abouts is that, I'm guessing it's too far away for me to hlep you out with that
  8. Polesnatcher, I'm quite a ways from Central Ohio. I live about 8 miles from the PA border and about halfway between the Ohio River and Youngstown.
  9. yup too far away for me to go hunting or fishing for a day or help ya clean up
  10. crankus_maximus

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    I wish I lived closer to Columbian County. I WOULD HELP. For a chance like that. I work first, play later.
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    i am lucky. i live in north olmsted and have a cabin and only four acres in tipp. i have a wife who helps me do a lot. two years ago we added on to our pole barn and she helped alot. just me and her. a 12 by 24 addition. we never built any thing like that. she does what she can, because she is not very big. when i went to put the roof shingles on she carried them all up the ladder. it was slow only about 4 shingles at a time. but we got it done. we also a few weeks later built a gazebo there too. again i could not have done it without her. so taking her fish off is not that big of a bother. i have six weeks vacation and spend them all down there. if you need a fishing partner sometime let me know. next vacation is end of sept.
  12. Sauguy, I've got a 5'2" Mighty Mouse myself. We built most of our house ourselves and I wish I had her energy. Where is Tippecanoe? Is that where you vacation?
  13. sauguy

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    tipp is on the dam end of clendening lake. i spend most weekends and vacation there. shore fished atwood once just one small bass. never took the boat there. would like to try for saugeyes. not having much luck at clendening. fish tappen from shore alot. doing any good there?
  14. It seems that fishing has been slow everywhere. Probably because of the high water.
  15. Hi i'm new in here i'm not retired yet but i do have that hunting and fishing energy your talkin about.My wife lets me go any time i want and always tells me to have fun when i go.Me and my 3 yr.old son camp and fish a lot out by west branch i live in east akron.I have to say i miss hunting a lot i haven't been since 1999 got devoriced and moved back to ohio in 2000 and remarried.I'm sure i might be able to help you out with you problem at attwood i would like to talk to ya.I know what hard work is like i've had my own tree service for about 9 yrs now.
  16. What do you mean by "too overgrown"...
    I dable in land management and like the words "too overgrown"
    I'm not too far that I couldn't come take a look and see where you stand ...
    I've hunted down that way plenty of times...