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  1. Chef

    Chef Columbus, OH

    Hello, I'm 28 and new to fishing. I live on Henderson (near Griggs). I usually go to Hoover for bass but i'm really interested in all kind of fishing. I'm looking for fishing partners or friends that willing to teach, share tips, experience, and stories about fishing.

    Happy Fishing
  2. Welcome to OGF. There's a lot of good info here and some of it is even factual! "I fish, therefore I lie."

    Keep an eye on the Erie forum. There are frequently "open seat" postings and its a great way to fish Erie with boat owners who fish regularly. Be honest about your experience level and people will help you along.

    Might add your location to your profile. It helps you meet and get help from people local to you.

    Good luck.

  3. Chef

    Chef Columbus, OH

    Bobinstow90 thanks for your greeting. I'm really glad to see someone replied to my previous post. I'm heading to Alum Creek this coming Sunday (Oct, 5th). I'm going fishing with two of my friends. However, neither of them has fishing experience, we just started fishing like a month ago. We want to start bass fishing (i got a 2lbs largemouth bass when trying offshore fishing at Hoover Reservoir fishing like 2 weeks ago, since then i can't sleep well and really want to start bass fishing). Learning from this forum, we bought some crankbaits, and tubes for this Sunday morning at Alum Creek. We might rent a boat; however, the renting boat doesn't have any fish finder or other equipments that most people have. Anyone has good tips for beginners ? Thanks
  4. Welcome aboard! got the bug huh? Glad to hear you want to get in the sport. The best way I know to really learn is to join a Bass Club. Most clubs do accept non boater membership and you'd get to fish out of a bass rig on club tournaments. You'd also have opportunity fish various lakes through the club, meet other anglers, learn the ropes of everything from hooks to tournament circuits. Just Google Ohio Bass Federation Nation and click on the list of clubs affiliated with the O.B.F.N. You will have to become a member of B.A.S.S. or if you join the O.B.F. (Ohio Bass Federation) then you'll have to get an F.L.W. membership. Either way its a great place to start up. :B
  5. Welcome Chef, Wolfhook has led you in the right direction if you want to bass fish out of a boat. The club I am in you fish every tournament . Also great joining a club due to all the people you meet and tips and tricks you learn. Pretty much just like this site.
  6. Chef

    Chef Columbus, OH

    Thank you so much for the recommendation. I joined Ohio Bass Federation last night and contacted some bass fishing clubs to join. Currently, i'm waiting for their respond. Also, i went to Alum Creek 5 am with 2 of my friends. We rented a boat, spent like 6 hours and got 1 tiny largemouth (released). Then i joined my other friend at Hoover Reservoir from 4 pm - 9 pm. Got 2 largemouth about 12" - 15" (released). Pretty exciting day full of fishing for a beginner like me. Hopefully next week i can get to know more people.
  7. Hello, I'm 38 and I have a 13 yr old son who loves fishing. We live in Brunswick, OH and we're looking for people to fish with. I am currently looking for a small boat for the two of us. Is there anybody with a boat willing to take on one or two people for company and to share in the boating expenses.
  8. leadcorebean

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    dryer.. more than welcome to come fish erie with me sometime. i have a 21ft walkaround and mainly fish for walleye but ill do some perching if the walleye are slow. just pm me and we can set up something. i also have another boat for sale too 16ft
  9. BigSteve

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    Really something to be bitten by the bug eh? I know I felt the same way when I was introduced to hunting. I can't tell tell you how many restless nights of sleep I've had(and still have) in anticipation of bow and gun openers, or hunting a new really hot spot and worrying about whether or not the wind would be right for that particular stand the next morning. Glad to see you you've joined the ranks, fishing is truely a rewarding sport, whether you catch anything or not. I know with all the great guys on this sight you won't have a hard time finding some guys who'll have an open seat or plenty of room to stand next to on the bank of a river somewhere. Enjoy your new found hobby and good luck.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    There has been a few times where I had people back out at the last minute for fishing on Erie. If someone is interested in trolling for walleyes and doesn't mind being on standby or called at the last minute, PM me. I mainly go out off Ashtabula and occasionally out of Geneva. I have all the gear all you would need is food and something to drink (no alcohol).
  11. I can vouch for Toxic as far as going out of Ashtabula, its awesome fishing out there! My club went out last year from there and had a great time! I can't wait to get back there again. :B
  12. I am looking for a partner for a trip somewhere in NW Ohio on Veterans Day, weather permitting. I have an 11' plastic hulled boat w/trolling motor and 5 hp outboard, no electronics yet(hear that Santa?).I am a new boater and hoping to learn largemouth fishing someday. PM me if interested.
  13. I've decided to go to Veterans Memorial in or Metamora reservoir if anyone is interested. Time to break out the longjohns!!!