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Fishing outing at Ceaser Creek 10/2-10/3??

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by roadman, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Anything goes. They have some big carp, cats, white bass, crappie,bass and how about you Muskie guys!!!!!!! :cool:
  2. That sounds like a good weekend. The Buckeyes are playing Northwestern at night so I won't have to miss the game (like NW will give them much of a game :) ). I'll try to make it down from Cleveland if I can.


  3. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Sounds good, I haven't been there this year yet, I'd definitely try to make it.
  4. The lake blasters should be in the garage by then and the muskie bite should be on. Crazy and I have been trying to troll the lake there every sat night trying to figure some of the lake out.
  5. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Hey guys, i was down at Caesar not too long ago (camping) watching a couple of guys pulling out blue gill after blue gill off a boat dock, when all of a sudden they lifted out this small muskie ( they reckoned about 3lb) holdin on to a gill they had just hooked, it let go pretty quick after thrashing around on the surface... they showed me the teeth marks on the gill LOL pretty neat actually..
  6. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    Great time of year to be on the water,and only a few minutes from home. :) . How could I resist?
  7. Someone say "muskie?" I'll check my calendar.
  8. Hey all, I'm fairly new to all this, haven't been able to fish much this year (AF is keeping me preety busy), but the near future looks great. I haven't fished CC in a while but if I remember correctly, fishing CC this time of year can be a BLAST!
  9. Hopefully we will have good turn outs at rocky fork and paint.

    But if nobody plans to attend those outings We will be at Ceasers.

    I will deffinately post if going to Ceaser!!
  10. I'm ready to go!!! I'm really looking forward to getting out there.

    As big as this lake is and as structured as the bottom is there have to be a lot of good fish there we just have to find them.

    I would love to catch my first muskie there.

    We need to protect our interests in Ceaser Creek and Cowan.

    The guys up north think the ODNR is wasting its time stocking our local lakes. We need to catch a bunch of muskies and turn in all kinds of scale samples...

    Fishcrazy and I are both members of Muskies Inc. and if enough people are interested we would like to form our own chapter of Muskies Inc. Southwest and Central Ohio.

    I don't and wont push Muskies Inc .on anyone but it would help get more interest in our lakes if we had a local chapter working to support our local fisheries....

    I plan to fish Ceaser creek all fall in search of a Muskie. If you see us down there don't be shy stop and talk or fish with us a while. I always look forward to meeting new people and members.

    I've got a green and white bomber style ranger bass boat with roadman on each side.

    I want to get some more good outings going in our area.
    Be safe and have fun!!
    Super Dave