Fishing Osprey Lake

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  1. Hello all just wondering if anyone has ever had anyluck fishing this lake and if so what type of bait was used... reason being .. ive been there about 3 times and have never pulled anything out of this lake although i have seen several fish jump and have had several bites..... any help on this thanks
  2. If there are any fish in Osprey Lake they don't eat anything I have tried.
    I have never seen anyone catch anything while there.
    I have fished it 4 times and won't go back since Big Darby is right next to it and I know there are fish in there.

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    Had no luck there myself either. Fished there for like 4 hours one day about a month ago without so much as a nibble. Tried everything. Artificials,worms,shad,liver etc. Haven't fished there at night since many years ago when it was a paylake.
  4. One simple word - overfished. I only use it to tune my equipment and check the "action" on my new lures.