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Fishing or Football

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Every Fall I deal with same problem- head out fishing or watch football. Hmmm... maybe listen on the radio and go fishing... whats everyone else do?
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I'm in the same boat. I usually fish though, as the lakes have minimal traffic. I usually crank up the radio, or this year I actually scored a portable tv that runs off my 12v.

    Then again with gas at $3+, my big screen gets much better mileage ;)

  3. Football may take the nod for me this fall. It's at least 35-40 miles one way to get to my favorite lakes. $$$ I think I'll take a fishing break to see if gas prices come down a scootch. I don't normally go out on the weekends anyway. GO BUCKS!
  4. Fish man fish, screw football I mean I like football, but not more than fishing. I can only watch football. I can actually fish. Not to mention if I didn't want to miss the game that bad, I would just record it to watch when I got home from fishing. It aint even a issue for me. I don't even see how it could be a hard thing to choose from.
  5. Football. Gas & crowds can take a back seat to the first weekend of college football.

    Now the rest of the fall, got to fish with the walkman on!
  6. Crowds??????? I don't go to pay ponds, so I never have to worry about any crowd, I can't relate there, but yep them gas prices are killer these days.
  7. for crowds this weekend. Just go to Alum Creek or Buckeye lake and let me know about the census that you take.
  8. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Oh so true Buzzman . With this weekend being a holiday weekend and the fact that school is back in , the lakes will be a zoo .
  9. Ok well then that would be because you only go to places that have crowds, I don't. So I wouldn't have to worry about these crowds you talk about. So your only going to get crowds if you go to where crowds are. I have NEVER had a problem with a crowd in all my years of fishing, but that would be because unlike you, I don't go to a crowded area to do my fishing. I have better places to fish than to go where I have to fight crowds. So yea, I guess if I was like you and only went to crowded fishing waters, I would stay home as well.
  10. Rod & Reel-

    Have fun, I'm getting ready to watch kick off.
  11. Tomorrow and Monday will be my fishing days for this weekend. Today I just get drunk and play games on my pc. So I am getting ready for fraggin, not fishin.
  12. Thats why the nfl plays all there games on sunday so that we can fish on sat., but you got to pick either college or NFL you cant have all three.
  13. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    0 can set the VCR for the games....but you can't suck down a 12 pack and eat a large pizza while you're out on the boat either (well you're not supposed to suck down a 12 pack on a boat) Its a toss up. As slow as the fishing has been for me, I'd probably stay home for the game and then change my mind and go golfing at half time.....although channel cat or perch in the deepfrier sounds pretty damn good right least I can buy fish at the grocery store after the golf game........
  14. Fishing for me...don't watch but a few football games per year usually.
  15. Man, tough decision here. I would also say Saturdays for fishin', Sunday's for watching the Bengals do the damage this year !!! (I know I have said it for the past 15 years.) Of course, if Saturday was good at the lake, I am not going to change the outcome of the game !!!!

    Good luck out on the water.............................WHO DEY !?!
  16. Both would have to take a back seat to goose hunting right now, except for the OSU Texas game of course. I've been fishing for the last 6-7 months and could use a diversion. Early season ends next weekend though and then I would have to say college football. Never cared for the NFL. I really hate to say it but it's been almost a month since I've wet a line my desire isn't all that great right now. Hope it's just a phase. My priorities this fall will definitely be on the birds though.
  17. Hmmm Lets see, Football, you've got Ohio State and Texas which is a national championship caliber game. You also have the battle of Ohio in the pro's. They are both entertaining and on television which costs 1.3 cents an hour to operate.

    Fishing, you've got gas for the boat, gas for the truck, bait, tackle, food, drinks, ice, the annual September fight at the boat ramp, ODNR writing tickets for passing the breakwall at .00000013 mph too fast, Ohio State Troopers writing tickets for that burnt out trailer light that you know was working when you pulled out of the driveway, the wife moaning about the condition of the lawn and the fact that you're blowing off the big neighborhood clam bake that she's been planning on attending for the last 12 months. Total cost; 1.7 million dollars.

    I think the choice is obvious. I'm going fishing!
  18. man, im glad we have a portable Tv for the boat!! Go Browns, Go bucks!! Go Me!
  19. Sounds like I should just glade I don't have a boat. I wade, which cuts out alot of the cost that you guys mention. No law to deal with. I fish with lures, so no money needed for bait. I only take food and drinks if I have my kids fishing with me, because then I don't wade. I never take any food/drink with me when I wade. It only cost me gas to drive there. And when I do get a boat, it will be a kick boat.
  20. Do both. I get up to go steelhead fishing about 5 am or earlier, and I'm back watching football by one easily.