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Fishing on ESPN2

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reel, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. My TV Guide says the fishing program listings for ESPN2 are:

    SUN 5AM to 11AM
    MON 5AM to 6AM and 2PM to 3PM
    TUE 5AM to 6AM
    WED 3AM to 6AM
    THU 5AM to 6AM
    FRI 5AM to 7AM
    SAT 5AM to 11AM

    Does anyone watch the early morning program ?
    They are great, am I missing some ?
  2. I watch it on saturay sometimes. Its ok , better than most of the things on TV. It has jimmy houston , basscenter , and few other shows.

  3. Are there anymore really good fishing shows still on TV? I know that when I was growing-up (20+ years ago) there were always good informative fishing show on TV. Now it just seems like they are all one big infomercial trying to peddle something.
  4. is that why i feel the need to go to wal-mart every time i watch bill dance?
  5. I have been taping the block of shows on Saturdays ESPN2 lineup. I thought Bass Center was cool, but that Loudmouth Bass can go right away. I fast forwarded straight through it this past weekend. I really like that Schooled by Denny brauer and Jummy Houston Outdoors still, but the rest of the lineup is pretty basic.

    So, I said've got a good idea to send to ESPN for a show, so I did. I contacted the TV Productions department and they should be sending me a waiver as we speak. I guess I have to sign the waiver first before I can piutch my idea. I'll keep you all posted if and when something comes of it.

  6. I'd probably tape everyone one of those shows! :D

    The only one I really like anymore is Schooled with Denny Brauer, with InFisherman and Angler's Edge following up. So many of the shows are just one big infomercial with no information anymore.
  7. I'll only allow permit such comedy if we get to use your Ranger Buzzman. :D :D :D It'll be a comlete hour of how to look "good" as a fisherman and catch no fish, and yes I'll be the star of the show. Complete with segments on how to remove treble hooks from your body and/or clothing, and the proper way to get back in the boat once you've fallen in the lake by setting the hook on that there laydown. Oh, and one about how to play hop-scotch to the front of the boat because you have way too much stuff and way too little storage.

    No really, I think a lot of guys will think my idea is pretty cool. Hope my waiver gets here soon.