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Fishing off a boat

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by marineman16, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. I just bought a bass boat this year - finally. I've been fishing mainly rivers due to not having a boat, but now I am trying to stalk down some bigger (and more abundant) fish off the boat. I live in Dayton and want to keep within a drive of 1- 1 1/2 hours. Where are the best lakes, and best areas within those lakes to try to hit some fish? Walleye/sauger/saugeye, any brand of bass, and musky would be my choice fish. Any tips for a rookie boat fisherman would be fantastic!!!
  2. CJ Brown for the walleye.

    Caesars Creek for saugeye, and muskie.

    I am not familiar with CJ as for specific areas, but I will send you some decent spots for Caesars Creek.

  3. What kind of boat did you get?

    They say the happiest day in a man's life is when he gets his first boat and the second happiest day is when he sells his boat.

    Anyway, congratulations!

    Bass fishing is kind of spotty but, CJ Brown, Caesar's Creek, Rocky Fork and Grand Lake St. Mary's are some of the lakes that have some bass.
  4. Acton Lake at Hueston Woods State Park has a 10 hp limit, but very good fishing. If you go, try turning right from the launch, towards the dam. You will see an area on your right that shallows with a rocky bottom - good place for SM at dusk. The shore on the Lodge side has been very good for Gills. Here's the DNR blurb on LB and Saugeyes -

    Largemouth Bass – Very large population, most 12-17”, some up to 5 pounds. Great response from 15” size limit in effect since 1990. In spring, fish for bass around boat docks and fallen shoreline trees. In summer and fall, try the steeper shoreline areas on the east side of the lake and near the dam. OUTLOOK: EXCELLENT

    Saugeye – Initial stocking of 824,000 saugeye fingerling occurred in 2004. In 2005, 906,000 saugeyes were stocked and 97,350 stocked in 2006. Some of the fish from the 2004 stocking will be 15 - 18 inches in spring 2007. By fall 2007, there should be numerous 13-18 inch saugeyes. Try fishing the 5-15 foot depths from the Sugar Camp to the dam on the west side of the lake. Cast shad-pattern crank baits or small jigs with plastic bodies. Later in summer, try trolling deep diving lures or bottom bouncing night crawler rigs. OUTLOOK: GOOD
  5. CJ Brown is a good area. This time of year fish the west side of the lake along the rocks. The walleye, and crappie are still biting in this area. Also fish around the marina side, the water is deep there, and the walleye tend to pool up in there. Try bouncing a jighead tipped with a nightcrawler off the rocks, and you should hit some walleye.:G
  6. I'm planning on hitting CJ Brown this weekend. I dug through my tackle and found my worm harnesses, eerie dearies, etc so I'm ready to do some trolling and see what I can come up with. I hear CJ has some nice stripers too - if you can find them.

    Someone asked about my boat. This is my second boat - first was something to get me on the water. An old 17' 1965 Starcraft with a '64 75hp Johnson. The new boat is an 1989 18' Procraft fish & ski with a 150 Merc Black Max. It is a fun boat!

    I appreciate all the advice. If anyone else chimes in, feel free to add on! Has anyone had luck at Eastwood or Caesar's Creek this year? What about Brookville Lake (Indy)?

    Thanks all! I'll post success / failures about the CJ Brown trip if I make it out there!
  7. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    You won't find any Stripers in C.J. no matter how hard you look. You will find some White Bass with those Erie Dearies. Walleyes - not so much. If you want to troll for Walleyes out there put on some Shad/Perch-looking cranks and keep them up pretty shallow.

    See you out there.

  8. Are you planning on being out there this weekend? I'll be there Saturday for sure, Sunday if I am catching. If not, I'll probably shift gears and hit one of the Miami rivers. I figure I won't get skunked out there anyways...