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Fishing Near Berea

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dr0ker, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, I am getting back into fishing this year for the first time in about 10 years and I am not familiar with to many fishing spots around my area. I have made a few trips to Coe and Wallace lakes, but I am hoping to find a few more spots within 20 minutes of Berea. I am primarily looking to catch Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, and Trout. Any suggestions?
  2. K gonefishin

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    The rocky river will offer many species throughout the year, very good smallmouth and steelhead fishing, steelies will be in the river from October through April. smallies can be caught just about all the time, but you will do best in may-november.

    The cleveland metroparks has a website

    good site with a weekly report with pics. pretty helpful

  3. I hear lake erie is pretty decent.
  4. If you drive fast (and don't get caught) = Lake Erie shoreline. Parks in Cleveland east (72nd/55th), west (edgewater), and further west (bay village, avon lake).

    Wallace/Coe lakes in Berea.

    East branch rocky river - north of Bagley is fun but rugged. Stretch from rte 42 southward is not heavily fished but small water.

    West branch rocky river -- olmsted falls, mostly private property but a few parks north of bagley.

    Main stem rocky river (north).

    Upper stretches of the black river (west), some public water, not heavily fished.

    Beyers pond (main street, south berea), overfished in the past, but a few fish around.

    Metroparks ponds in hinkley and hinkley lake itself.

    Cuyahoga river to the east (maybe a bit far for the 20min. rule).

    A few other nice lakes (spencer, wellington upground, findlay) are available to the west, but a bit outside of your 20min. range.
  5. I live right near you in Brook Park. Wallace and Coe are fine if you just want to go through some lures for an hour or so. The Rocky is great for smallies in the month of May, (small ones can be caught all year and are still a lot of fun on an ultra lite). But what I'm getting at is if you really want to have a good day take the extra 20 minutes on top of your 20 minutes and drive to Nimisila, Portage lakes, of Mogadore. All are only about a 40 minute drive from you and are a lot more fun to fish.