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    I remember a post a while ago about this, and I don't know if anything materialized. I have read where pro fisherman are very good note takers and use this information to identify patterns. For the casual fisherman, maybe this is a diary of trips past and reflect on who caught the biggest one.

    I am kicking around the idea of creating a site where you can log information about each fishing trip and keep some notes. If there is interest, maybe I could throw something together to record this information. If there something similar on this site allowing you to do this, and I would appreciate someone pointing this out.

    What are some of the parameters that you record and examples of associated values?

    water temperature (degrees farenheit)
    clarity (stained, clear, muddy)
    air temperature (degrees farenheit)
    Date / Time
    location (gps / custom name, etc)
    targeted species
    catch (species, numbers, length, weight)
  2. A few months back I got a form for just that off this site. The only prob is I dont know who! :confused:

  3. I keep a log ever time I fish for bass. Each log has location, date, start and finish time, temperature during different intervalls of the day or night and clarity of water. Then the log is broken down to each fish caught. List includes, time of catch, length, type(large, spot or smallie), estimated depth, flow rate, lure, size, color and presentation.
    I doubt that very many people are going to post this information about their logs. Most are willing to say what river they were fishing in and even the town near there but I have found from past post that they will not give everyone the exact location.
  4. Hey moke11,
    Try this site.... Just click on log. This is geared toward bass but you can use on any fish.
    Hope it helps,
    bass_assasin :cool: