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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lunkerhunter, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what kind of line people prefer? I’m cheap and usually get mono, but I always forget what brand is the best.
  2. I really like the Trilene smooth cast...........been using it for awhile now, and really like it.

    I just bought some braid - going to try that for the first time this year too......

  3. This question gets asked about once a week in the tackle forum. Right now I have about 2 dozen rod/reel combos and you'd probably find mono on half and a super braid on the other 12. Depends on the season, species, and if I'm trolling, casting, drifting, etc.

    As far as brands, I like Trilene XL for mono, Fireline for braid, and Seaguar Fluoro Premier for leader material.
  4. Trilene XL for mono.
    Suffix Performance Braid
    Seaguar Premier Fluoro leader
  5. you didnt sy what kind of outfit you use or what you fish for. Power Pro will conver a bunch of techniques. Yew you will pay more for a spool of it. You will however be using the same line several years from now.
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    I use either Vicious Ultimate or Vicious Panfish lines for everything.
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    I generally like Trilene XL for spinning and Trilene XT for baitcasting. I believe I switched over to XT on my medium heavy spinning outfit during the walleye run last year, though. The rocky Maumee shredded my XL. I sometimes also have one baitcaster spooled with Fireline, and I really haven't had problems with it.
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    Lunkerhunter.....Dont be too cheap.....remember that line, is the main "link" between you and that fish...and the cheaper that "link" the better the odds are that it will give you problems of one kind or another. I personally have fished "fireline" for the last 12 years or more... I'm not turning you in that direction.......It's not cheap and can be hard to master some of the things it does.... But I can tell you that Trilene XL, is all I used for years and years before I switched.........XL has a good cost factor ......fishes well and thats what you wanted in a "mono" line...... good fishin to you guy.....Jon Sr.
  9. Mono ---Trilene XL
    Fluorocarbon --- Seaguar
    Braid --- Power-Pro the ez spool package is very nice.

    Just bought two spools of Spiderwire Ultracast Invis braid 80 lb test. Have
    not put it on the reels yet.
  10. mono - trileneXL or yozuri hybrid
    braid - powerpro
  11. fireline no doubt. been using it for lord only know how many years...its funny i fished erie alot this year and when no one was catchin fish i was....i get a ton better feel with the fire line than the other guys on the boat using cajun and power pro.