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  1. I have done a lot of reading on fishing, and tactics but i know very little when it come down to what type of line to use and why. I am not talking about diameter. I know not to use 20lb test for gills and stuff like that. but i heard that certain lines are made for different types of reels. It seems that my lines have a lot of memory in them. I do change my line often. How much shelf life does a line have before it starts to go bad? what are the different types and why would i use them? If anyone could give my some insight that would be really appreciated. :D
  2. I would stay you just need to try different line to see which ones you think fish well for you. I am not sure about lines being made for one type of reel. Stren made a line years ago that was flat for baitcasters. I have found line to stay good on the spool for years if you keep it way from the sun. Sun light is one of the main things that will damge fishing line. Other than that I just like to fish certain lures on a line that best brings out the action or feel of the bait.

  3. The original superlines were made for baitcasters. They did not work well at all on spinning reels. The newer braids work on both. Some manufacturers say that there line is made for baitcasters/spinning reels. The ones made for baitcasters are usually a stiffer line. The one's for spinning reels more soft and limp. Monofiliment line kept in the dark will last about 5 years or more. Braided lines will last a whole lot longer. It your mono starts to have a powdery film on it, throw it away. It's deteriorating and is not going to perform like you want.
  4. thanks guys :)

    what about temp changes, Lets say I left it out side all year would that cause the memory to increase in the line, i would imagine so?
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    Peple, I like to use Fireline sometimes Powerpro othertimes and then to confuse the issue I use Pline Flouroclear. On my baitcasters I only use Fireline or Powerpro, whichever of the two I can get cheaper at the time I'll buy. I use these lines on 3 of my spinning reels and they are the ones I use for jigs or suspending baits because I like they way I can feel what's going on out there. On my light topwater spinning rig I use Pline flouroclear only because I have found it to tangle and twist less than any other, I change it twice during the summer if I fish every week. Always check your line for abrasion with your fingers BEFORE making the first cast. If it feels rough cut off 2-3 feet and retie your lure. I leave my rods in the garage 365 days a year and I fish with them every chance I get and I haven't noticed any problems with memory. Monofilament line will develop memory some worse than others. I check the spool at the store to make sure it doesn't have twist before I buy it. I have bought spools of mono and when I went to spool them the line twist was terrible before I even got them on the reel. Now I always check first. Good luck with all this info, I've fished for over 40 years and every time they come out with a new line I have to try it. What that means is there is no really good line out there, you just have to choose one that works best for you, I've made my choices and suggestions and there are guys on here that will totally disagree with them. That's why there are so many choices, not a single one of them is the PERFECT line!
  6. Peple, I use PowerPro for muskie but I like 14# Stren Superbraid for eye fishing. The Stren is limp but strong and doesn't fray. Fluorocarbon leaders for invisibility and your all set. The 14# Stren is 4# diameter and really cuts through the water while trolling and it will cut your hands if pulling out a snag so wear a glove. No stretch so you feel everything immediately so it works great while jigging also. I don't pan fish much but i put some co-polymer P-Line on my daughters reel and it seems to work very well.