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Fishing line

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by James F, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. James F

    James F Senior Member

    Has anyone been using the Suffix Siege?I bought hi-vis yellow,and all I end up with is severe line twist,using it for drop shot,and slip bobber. several years ago, I had the same issue with the clear.Maybe I was hoping for too much from this line! I am going back to Trilene xl.Mostly panfishing with 4#, the siege is 6#. Not casting into the wind,yesterday the lake was like glass. i like the braid, but this stuff just isn't gettin' it !
  2. some folks don't pay attention to which way they spool on the line, and it will spring off and tangle . wind it on your reel and stop and open bail, if it jumps off flip the new spool around and do it again , then when bail is opened it should fall off slightly. I'm with you I like braid, try some power pro in 5lb

  3. I was having line issues early this season. Suffix siege was one of them so with the advice from fellow OGF I switched to power pro and it is great. And I can tow a dead tree clear across West Branch if I wanted to...
  4. The drop shot is notorious for line twist. I love to fish a drop shot for bass so I have tried quite a few different things to stop line twist. and none of them get rid of it completely. I tried using a swivel about 10" up the line from the hook. It didn't help at all that I noticed so I went to some of the drop shot hooks that are designed to spin around a small wire shaft that you tie to.

    Those cut down line twist much more than the swivel thing I tried, but it doesn't eliminate it completely. But, as I consider a drop shot a rig where I want the bait to look as natural as possible, I don't like the extra hardware at the hook, so I just put up with the line twist.

    And as mentioned, looking for twist as you're putting line on a spinning reel is as you probably know ....... very important. I use fluorocarbon on spinning gear so I really have to be vigilant. After I put new line on a spinning reel I take it to the far reaches of my back yard and start pulling off line until I have pretty much all of the new line laying strung out on the ground. I pinch the line between my fingers just ahead of the reel and reel all the line back in. As I do my pinched fingers are pushing the twist out. Then I repeat the process. And sometimes I'll even do it a third time. I get all the twist out, but after about 2 or 3 times out fishing a drop shot, the twist is back. When that happens I either repeat the process I use when putting on new line, or I'll cut everything off and let line out and let it trail behind the boat.

    It sounds like more of a pain in the butt than it actually is, and I personally will gladly do it in lieu of using braid. Braid is so soft it doesn't show twist, but I pretty much hate braid. I use it only when I absolutely have to. So pretty much only when fishing a hollow bodied frog. And it does make a nice main line for a Carolina rig.
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  5. Try the Sufix elite instead sometime. Siege isn't bad line, but it's the equivalent of berkley XT with a sufix label on it. Thicker diameter than average for a given lb test, but much higher breaking strength than what it says on the package.

    Elite is a lot more supple and manageable imo.
  6. I used some 6lb Suffix Elite this year for crappie fishing & felt that it had a higher breaking strength than several other brands of comparable line (Stren Original & Magnathin, BPS Excel, & Trilene XL). In terms of handling & memory I definitely thought that the performance of the Suffix Elite was best. Just my observations with light duty mono. I throw all of my ultralight crankbaits & inline spinners on 6 lb Nanofil.....which is awesome for that application. Mike
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  7. My 3 reels are all spooled with suffix elite #4 and 6#. They are smooth and cast well and have been very happy with them. Like bassbme I don't really care for braid line and use it only if I have to. Suffix Siege didn't impressed me 'cos of all the twisting.
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    Yes it's true, that when putting new line on, paying attention to the details are important to get the most out casting and line performance. Just as tying a good knot. My brother is always in too much of a hurry, to tie a good knot, tries to cast a mile:eek:. Some times I think that there's a Badger in the back of the boat:p.Casting into the wind is one of his biggest problems, grumbling and groaning, and grunting! I try not pay much attention to him until I feel the boat rocking and heavy breathing:oops:.Sounds like he's rutting back there:eek:.
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