Fishing inside the Fairport Breakwall

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  1. Me and a buddy of mine went down to the shore over by the beach in Fairport. has anybody been down there lately? We were the only ones there. One of my Buddys friends saw us down there and gave us 2 white flies. We used them but produced nothing. he said that the guys down there are dipping the maggots and flies in WD-40 and are catching Steelhead. Any Thoughts? Any Suggestions?
  2. Did you see many guys fishing from the breakwall? I saw the lake yesterday and it was pretty stirred up. If you can get clear water out there this time of year it's a good place to fish. The Manistees are staging ready to make their spring run.

  3. Have caught some steelhead trolling spoons off the beach in Fairport but have done better trolling parallel to the walls outside casting range of the wall fishermen.

    Lots of fish caught off both the long wall (west side of river) and the short wall (east side of river). The tip of the long wall produces bass, crappie, perch, steelhead, walleye, cats. If ya can do the walking, its a good shore spot when water clears. Long handled net required.

    Best of luck.
  4. Me and Whaler were in a boat off the end of the east wall couple years back and we're pretty sure/99% a guy hooked and landed a nice northern from the wall.
    Just to add to Bob's list of species available from the wall.....
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    shhh, dont bring up WD-40, you'll get some people going:D

    cast a white rooster tail (1/2 0z) should get a few bites..
  6. Saw a guy catch a musky off the wall about two years ago on a spoon. Thought he had a nice steelhead on till I got up close. Was about 30 inches long.