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fishing in the chagrin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by frankthetank134, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. can anybody please send me a current fishing report or suggest a good website where I could get one, I've been to the Chagrin many times for steelhead and have had no luck what so ever, any tips would be appreciated
    email to me at
    - Thanks
  2. Frank, where and what have you been using while fishing for them? Maybe if we had a little more info, we could help you catch more.

    I have heard from a VERY reliable source that the fish are in teh Chagrin pretty good, but they are spooky and VERY finicky right now for some reason. Maybe some rain over the next few days will turn them on more.

  3. Frank, sent you an email.
  4. This is a pretty accurate map of the Chagrin buddy. It tells you where you can get the fish. That does not mean they are there, but stay in areas near Daniel's Park for right now. The river is overcrowded, as are a lot of rivers. There are better, more serene tribs to fish. Try the Grand or PM me.