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Fishing in SW Ohio on Sunday the 21st

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CamdenGizzard, May 21, 2007.

  1. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    Did anyone have an extremely good amount of luck on Sunday? If so what time of day and what lake?

  2. I went threw two buckets of chicken livers down at East fork..Found a mess of stripers?/ Hybrids managed to land one 10" the rest robbed me blind!!!

    other then the three frustrating hours of rebaiting my hook, I caught several fat blue gills

  3. A tip for ya.

    Remember, the scent of the livers is what makes em bite. Therefore, the texture of your bait isn't important. Get yourself some tule from a fabric store. (if you dont know it, tule is the little mini-mesh material that they make bridal veils from). Pre-wrap each of your livers into little "bags" and wrap them shut with micro-elastic, also available at a craft store.

    Then, thread your liver bag onto the hook, and it will stay secure, allowing you time to set the hook and get the fish. A close alternative to this method that people use is to wrap the liver in old pantyhose pieces. I haven't used that, but Im sure it would achieve the same desired result. keeping your bait attached to the hook while the fish mouths it.

  4. I will try that! Thanks for the Tip! I tried everything but that! Ii even tried double hooking the livers !
  5. Does The Camdengizzard Frequent Dan's Sport Shop? I'm From Camden But Spend Most Of My Fishing Time At Lake Erie.
  6. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    I learned that tip on this forum! I was so frustrated because the livers flew off every time I put them on the treble--no matter what I did. I just made little bags out of pieces of the hose and hooked it all around the treble with the liver in it--voila'! Worked perfect--got lots of big cats with this. And the scent tip is correct--they bite just as hard and frequently. Hint--you do have to cut it off when you remove it. But I've caught 3 on the same little one-liver bag!:B
  7. I do use a piece of line wrapped around the liver so when you cast, it doesnt fall off. With cats They can bump it a little and it would stay on. These guys though ripped right through it! I can get two casts out of the same liver with the line wrapped around it
  8. use sewing thread it holds it on and the juices fro the chicken liver absorb it so that it isn't visible but it still stays on the hook
  9. Man you're thread got hijacked...:D I fished USA BASSIN out of Eagle Creek on the Ohio River on Sunday. Should have stayed in the creek but went out in the river, got caught in a bad fog bank lost a lot of time there. Caught a lot of small bass and stripers all day on the river on anything moving (cranks, jerk baits, buzz baits) finally got a keeper about 5 minutes after going back into the creek but couldn't get any more. At least we weighed one in, didnt come home with a :S. LOL.

    We stopped at East Fork on the way home picked up the crankbait pole and proceeded to catch 7 keepers in 2-1/2 hours all on the crankbait (see name for type). One of the best days I have ever had at EF. Tried a worm on 2 road beds but no luck.

    Father-in-law had a real tough day, he never caught a fish. HE has no faith in Bandits and I put him to shame. I would easily say 35-0 :D counting the stripers also. Caught bigger stripers at EF than on the Ohio....
  10. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    I hardly every go to Dan's. Some times I stop in to get minnows or fix his computer ;)
    and your right my thread did get hijacked! OH well good information for all.