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fishing in NE Ohio (new to the area)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gator6, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. I will be moving to the NE Ohio area (Akron-Canton) next summer. I was wondering if anyone would recommend a source to get up to speed on fishing inthe area - what to you catch and where and with what. Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to offer.
  2. sauguy

    sauguy river & muskie angler, dayhiker

    just keep reading this website. lots of info. post any question.

  3. Lots of places to fish and lots of species to catch up this way. I'll hi-lite a few for you...

    PORTAGE LAKES: LM Bass, catfish, big redears, gills, crappie, perch are all in there. VERY HIGH BOAT TRAFFIC though.

    Nimisila: Electric only lake, excellent bass, gills, crappie, carp, cats, walleye. Has campground, several ramps.

    Mogadore: Electric only lake, best panfish lake in the area, and an excellent bass fishery. Ice fishing heaven too!

    Mosquito Lake: Stop in at Causeway Sporting Goods and they'll fill you in on this one. Walleye, bass, big crappie...and some say red snapper and giant grouper as well (JUST A JOKE GUYS). Lots of shore access from the 88 causeway and they rent boats at Causeway Sporting Goods. Don't forget to sign the OGF guest book!

    West Branch: Muskies, bass, crappie. Tough lake to figure out, lots of structure and the fish move around a lot, but when you do, it can be awesome. Lake is drawn down now so be careful.

    Berlin: Walleye, bass, cats, carp, crappie. Watch water levels in Fall!

    Cuyahoga River: Pike, bass (SM and LM) crappie, cats, gills, carp, and even steelhead, but rarely....

    For steelhead: I'd suggest fishing the Grand River, the Chagrin River, or the Rocky River. Is very exciting and you can get some real monsters...

    There's a few lakes. Hope this helps. You can also check out the 2005 ODNR fishing forecast for NE Ohio on their website...
  4. Where you comin from? What you normally fish for there?
  5. Alwsfishin

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    821 landed in 2 great places......Akron/Canton for the fishin......and OGF for the best info on whats happening and where.
  6. Theyll make room! They let me in! :D :p Guys do a great job not only in the board but from home as well! Keep it up. :)
  7. I am moving from North Carolina and have not fished here (there); I have spent most of my time there over here (Iraq). I lived in both Kansas and Missouri before and fished for bass (LM & SM) and trout mainly. Looking forward to getting to the area.
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    Sounds like we have a new Army recruiter coming our way unless you will be out next summer.

    I'm in the Akron area. Send me a PM when you get here if you want to go fishing.