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  1. I'm looking for a guide service in the area that could provide up to three boats/guides in a day. I would like to put together an event where I could take 10 to 12 clients fishing for a little mini-tourney. I know Brookville has Tag Nobbe, but I don't know of any other services in the tri-state.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. they're may be two guys including tag on brookville, i know of no other guides on the lakes around here. i just dont think there is enough intrest.

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    I can't recommend Tag Nobbe enough. Very knowledgeable fisherman and great guy to spend a day with.
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    I'd take 'em to Erie. Plenty of advertisers on this site to give you leads on a good guide service. Support OGF.
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    I'm agreeing with the Erie idea. I know of one Muskie guide on CC but he can't do three boats. If there are others I don't know about them. I've been thinking of doing a little of it myself when I have a way bigger boat and don't have to make a living from it...

    See you out there.

  6. Go to Erie. There is no other place around here where you can match the amount, and quality of fish you will catch. And your chances of getting 'skunked' are minimal.
  7. Cave run lake in kentucky, has the ability to do 3 boats for muskie trips, talk to Tom Dietz at Gander mountain, he can point you to the right guy down there.
  8. I assume you are talking about Bass fishing. No specific target fish was mentioned. If you have 10-12 "clients" bass fishing, you will need more than three boats. Unless we are talking about Erie Guide Services. Alot of them use the big trolling boats.

    I could probably get three or four Bass guys together that have 18-20 foot bass boats that could take two people per boat or something. I think if you have 10-12 guys wanting to fish competitively, you should contact some of the Erie guys with big boats. Like Rhodes Guide Service, I think they have some boats that can take larger numbers of people per boat. I know the Rhodes can sure catch them Erie Smallmouth too. Probably work out very well for you guys. Just call one of them Erie services (from OGF,of course)and I am sure they can get lodging info. and everything you need.
  9. I know brookville has tag and also jiggin jim who owns the 52 pickup. HAvent fished with either just the services i know of. Ps that would be eye fishing of course
  10. On Tag's website it indicates that he can take up to 4 ppl. I just need to find one more guide out there that can take 3 to 4, and i'll take 4 on my boat. Lake Erie sounds great, but that's too long a drive for what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks for all the responses.