Fishing GMR first time. Are these good locations?

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  1. I've always been a lake fisherman, but I'd like to try something new. Although I'm not a fan of currents, if I can get a hold of some nice fish, especially catfish, I'll deal with it. So after searching google maps there are 2 spots withing 40min of me. They appear to be dams or something. 1 is a little north of Joyce Park and the second is up more from that. Both are in Hamilton. Anyone here know of these spots whether any good/how to get there if a road isn't near by? Also I have to bank fish.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes both are in Hamilton and have very easy access as there are parking lots for both of them.

    If you plan to go to the dam closest to Joyce Park (Across from Miami University) I would advise you to get there early. It is usually packed.

    The dam further north (Combs Park) is less pressured. If you are after cats there are large flatheads at both and plenty of channel cats.

  3. bring alot of extra tackle there are a ton of snags!
  4. There aren't any fish at either one.... I wouldn't even waste my time there :p
  5. Thanks for the replies guys:) Hopefully we can check it out some evening this week.
    Also, can you fish after dark or are the parking lots closed at dusk?
  6. You can fish anytime, but I've had a car broken into at the Knightsbridge Dam (in front of Miami University), and wouldn't leave my car out of sight at Combs Park.
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    I'm definitely up for some night fishing at one of those dams. I might even give a try at catfishing once I get a heavier rod and reel.
  8. My own preference is to stay away from dams. Yes, you can catch fish below dams, and everybody knows it. Having some yoyo standing next to me fishing, invading my space is not my idea of a good time. Go well beyond the dam and fish the current breaks. Throw right against them on the calm side. Fish the eddies against the bank. If there is something in the middle of the river breaking the current, cast beyond it and bring it back towards you. Hit the edges of the grass beds, especially if there is an irregularity in the edge of the bed. Rip rap, rock piles, there is plenty to target and usually you will be by yourself. All of them can be fished with crankbaits, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, in line spinners, anything that you would use in a lake, will work just fine in moving water.
  9. I was finally able to try river fishing for the first time this evening. I can definitely say it's different. Even with lots of weight, my bait wouldn't stop until it got caught somewhere on the bottom. I always manged to get it out a ways though. Since it was pretty crowded on the dam I just fished 50-200ft from it.
    I used garlic worms and a few shiners. Both produced some hits, but that was the extent of it. The best hit was when my shiner had his gut torn out and almost lost his head. Something must have been hungry.
    I also learned that you go through lots and lots of hooks, swivels, weights, split shots, bait, etc. I knew it would be bad(and many people said it would be), but man I lost quite a bit of stuff tonight.

    I only saw 2 fish the whole evening and both of those were caught right off the dam. I wasn't close enough to see what they were.
    Anyway I'll be back again. Since it's half an hour away I won't be going there very often.