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  1. Since there's no chance for me getting a boat anytime soon, does anyone have some good places to go around alum that I can fish from the shore? I believe I've logged around 30 hours this year at Alum, and the best so far is a 4 inch bluegill. I've used worms, white jigs, fake minnows, and a grasshopper crankbait. I've mostly stayed on the south end of the lake, between the sailboats and the beach. Any advice on gear/location would be fantastic. Also, casting from shore, should be expectation be bluegill, or are there more within reach?
  2. I've gone to the parking area on Eastbound Hwy 36 in the last two weekends from about 8:00pm to 11:00 pm and fished on the bottom with chicken livers. My kids and I have been getting tons of big bites, but at the end of my last trip, was able to land a 4lb catfish (see my post about 2.5 hours after yours about the red bumps). I am starting to figure out how to get them now. Some other folks left the area (they we farther back in the cove) with some crappie they caught (not sure what they used). I was told near the marina was good for catfish also.

    I would also suggest hitting the Scioto and Olentangy (in Delaware County) during dusk for rock bass and smallmouth. I caught some rock bass (better eating then Bluegill) and saugeye in the Olentangy one evening then caught a 14 inch Smallmouth in the Scioto the next Saturday. I waded in the water and hit the rapids and holes with a small crawdad lure. They ate it like candy. I never thought I could have so much action in the small rivers like that, but it's a lot of fun.



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    Try the north end of the lake.... Howard Rd boat area has some good crappie fishing... but.. remember if you take the crappie they have to be over 9".