Fishing from griggs?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by leaflet, May 25, 2008.

  1. first, good luck to all for the memorial day fishing.
    Has anyone fished Griggs recently? how does it look? I went to Alum yesterday and got skunked. The high gas price is asking me to fish nearby spot, maybe Griggs should me my first choice. What are being caught there recently? Thanks
  2. I don't fish from a boat, just from the bank. I do decent throwing for small mouth bass around the fishinger road bridge with spinner baits, and power worms. They built that shore line up with Rock Boulders when they replaced the bridge in the mid-80's. I usually get 2-3 keepers in that area each time out in the early AM.

    If you have a boat, hit up north of the hyden run bridge. The further north, the shallower it gets, and the harder the current. but people pull nice largemouths up there.

  3. Thanks, Benny. I will give it try this evening.still got some power worms in my box to use. Good luck!
  4. POWER WORMS work great in the evening. just jig it up and down, over top those boulders on the shore line. You'll get good action with Rock bass, smallies, and maybe a few LM bass. Good luck, and report back!
  5. There were a ton of people out there today. Lots of families were out doing their thing.

    I went down to the lower part of griggs dam and caught a couple smallies and rock bass on a husky jerk.

    I did see someone there with an OGF shirt on.

    Hopefully the weather will be just as nice with less people out there tomo.

  6. the wife and I went to the Griggs around 4:30, got no bite for 1 hour. Then we gave up and went north to Alum Creek spillway. I was fishing with minnows for saugeye, but couldn't get a bite from the eyes. Instead, we caught 4 catfish within one hour.
    Now comes the bad part of the story. Because we were fishing next to the dam area, I had to keep me stringer and landing net below the dam, which was out of my sight. there were a couple down there fishing, who asked me for some minnows since I was getting fish. After a while, they left, and an SMART OLD MAN took away my stringer and net...... We found them later because I was really pissed off, my wife asked me to walk around the spillway before we go back home, and I saw this man pulling my stringer (it has a green rope on), with my landing net next to him.
    When I asked him whether he got these below the dam, he first said he got it from home. I asked him to swear to god, he chicked out and said I shouldn't keep stuff out of sight (that was right, I will remember cheap people do exist).

    Anyway, that was a long and bothering fishing report, but good luck to all the OGF people, who are always nice to give help in getting information for fishing.
  7. sucks you didn't get anything tonight Leaflet. After that hour, u should have switched to some spinners. Like Ajangsta said, a lot of activity doesn't help. I'm sure a lot of boats launched there today.

    next time if you get skunked there, try below the dam. you can get to it by the frisbee golf course off of riverside.
  8. Sorry for the late post, buddy and I hit griggs Sat. morning. for about 3 hours, south of hayden and made our way down south, fishing the west bank. 2 Lg 12-13", 1 crappie, 1 white bass 14" (we think) took picture becuase we were not sure if it was a striper but picture didn't turn out. We also cought 8 gills pretty good size. Caught everything on crankbaits, the gills were killing it which was a bit surprissing.

    Leaflet that is BS that guy taking your stringer!!
  10. holy dirt-bag batman. wow