Fishing from boat at Beckjord?

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  1. :) I want to know if you can fish from a boat for skipjacks at Beckjord power plant. Is there an area marked off that you can not enter with a boat or what? I understand the hot water discharge is on the down river side of the plant` so that is where the skipjacks should be. Are the skipjacks there all year round. I need to try to get some in the freezer, Heading to Aberdeen is too costly these days to take a chance of going up there and the skipjacks do not show up. All help on this is appricated . Thanks in advance.
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    The last time I was up there they were not generating any water, the discharge is near the corner of the building that flows out along side a barge that protects the main discharge which is slightly below the plant, they have cables in the water to prevent you from getting back in there, I have been there a lot and as long as there not actively working they won't give you much grief, your best bet is to take the trip to Aberdeen, the water needs to be somewhat clean not muddy and some current on the main river is a plus. Sunny skies will bring the Shad in there and the skips will follow them, the river is really cold right now at 38* and with that warm water coming out of there the Shad could be in there heavy, going during the week is much better than the weekend, I was there in January on a Friday water was clear, river had some current and I loaded up on Skips but the air temperature was brutal so I could only stay a few hours, but it was enough to get me bait for the winter, unfortunately the river has been blown out most of Feb. I have a tournament this coming weekend I just may make the trip that way for bait Shad and Skips if I do I'll let you know..............Doc

    Another thing that you can do and I do it a lot is make a trip to Barkley and Kentucky dam in Kentucky,the dams are only 3 miles apart and generally if they are not at one they are at the other get several people to go with you, split the cost of gas for the trip and it is much cheaper, a lot of us that fish tournaments do that because it is so much cheaper than making the trip yourself. We make it an all day thing and there are times when we have stayed overnight because the fishing was so good, I have contacts down there so all I have to do is make a phone call and inquire about the Skipjacks.

  3. Thanks Doc I had hoped they would have hot water there all the time. I will just get some Shad with a casting net at places near Cincinnati . I will also use some back up baits for fishing until the Skipjacks return to this part of the Ohio. If anyone around Aberdeen says the skips are there to catch than I would be willing to make a drive up there. Just to burn gas without knowing if they are there is not to wise these days. Tight Lines to you.