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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by tvfisherman, May 9, 2005.

  1. Hey OGFer's!

    Need some advice. Second week of June I took some time off from work to get away by myself. My wife is busy working on her Master's and frankly, I'd just like to stay out of her hair as she tends to get a little touchy with these classes. Anywho, I'm looking for some place to get away and camp and wet my lines a bit. I was thinking about staying at East Harbor and maybe going out on a headboat for Walleye, or maybe camping at Salt Fork and renting a boat for a day. If someone knows of someplace that just has good shore fishing that time of year that'll do too. I don't want to travel too far from central Ohio either. Port Clinton is the furthest I'm willing to go, but I'll take any suggestions. Thanks for any input y'all might have.

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    aep lands would be a great place for camping and shore fishing for several species.llots of accessible water for cats,bass,gills.
    dillon has campsites close to good fishing.the upper end would be good shore fishing for cats.the spillway and river below,offer easy access,with good fishing for just about anything.carp,cflatheads,channels,eyes,bass,crappie,wipers,sheephead.
    just a couple several places.