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  1. Attached files are the flyer and donor request. Same format as last year. Hope to see you there.

    Here's a link to the files from last year, including the post-outing newsletter.

    Thanks to everyone who came out or sent support - couldn't have done it without you!

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    I'm looking forward to being there Dennis....anything I can do to help, I will...I'll keep an eye on the progress.... THE CATKING !!!

  3. Thanks, Rick. I look forward to seeing you there.
  4. So are we bailing on the kids up north ? I know they look forward to it every year!
  5. NOT AT ALL! As far as I know, Rob has an outing this Saturday, the 2nd, and I'll be there. At last year's Grand Lake Fishing For Friends, I suggested we get one together for down this way, and got elected to be "the guy." Found a beautiful setup in Lake Lyndsay, and the event was a success. Could have sworn I sent you an e-mail last year, and again this weekend.
  6. If you sent an email I didnt jot anything down. Im working this weekend to make up for the Holiday we missed at work.
  7. I should be at work, too. I can't miss the outing at GLSP - too much fun. Maybe we'll see you in Sept.
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    I talked to BubbaHunter(Rob) just a week or so ago and everything was up in the air as far as an outing up north. Things got messed up, and this is the last I've heard of the situation......... Rick
  9. talking to Bubbahunter right now, Saturday is on for Fishing For Friends. Starts at 8 AM, second shelter down.
  10. Guys we are still on for this saturday.things have not got done the way i liked but it is still going to be another great day for everyone.

    Rick,Dennis thanks for hanging tough with me on this.

    Glenn wish you could make it i know how much you enjoy it all.

    If anyone has any questions for me give me a call 419-953-1050
  11. Just wanted to let you guys know how it went today.

    The weather turned out to be great for the entire morning. we had 14 kids and adults show up to fish and just as many friends and family came as well.We had a steady bite for the most part with alittle down time in between so everyone could sit and chat. All i can say is we had another great year full of smiles and laughter and now it`s time to get ready for the lake Lyndsay outing.

    Dennis thank you again for all the help here on Grand lake and a big thank you for what you do at lake lyndsay. karen and i cant wait to be a small part of that one as well.

  12. SMILES ALL 'ROUND - had a great time. Thanks

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  13. Just pushing this up to the top - 2nd Annual SW Ohio Fishing For Friends Special Needs Outing is coming up at Lake Lyndsay, September 9th. Flyer and letter attached to first post in this thread. Please PM me if interested.

    PICS FROM 2006 Outing:

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  14. My puter dumped over the weekend. Fired the power supply and hard drive, and I lost a good deal of the spreadsheet I had with participant, volunteer, and donor names. If you are coming on September 9th as a volunteer or participant, or you have donated or will donate, please send me a PM with particulars and I'll put it in my data.

  15. you know im there...with the grill and probly 5
  16. Well there is noway i`m going to miss this outing.

    Dennis, thanks for the time and effort you put into this i know you are going to do anouther great year.

  17. Sunday, the 9th of September

    We have 147 participants registered, over 100 family/staff, and amost 70 volunteers.

    Food has been donated - BigJohn513 is going to be grillin'

    I bought another 100 12' crappie poles and lots of other supplies from C&J Sports - they came thru with an excellent price for us again - thanks Brian

    Lot's of prep to take care of in the next 10 days, but it's coming together nicely.

    If you are going to be there but haven't let me know lately, please PM, e-mail, or call, as I had a hard drive failure and am trying to rebuild my data. I got a lot of it back from people, but there's still some holes to fill in. Thanks to everyone who donated time or merchandise. Hope the weather holds.

  18. I apologize for beign so late with an update on Fishing For Friends. I have a couple family members with some serious medical issues and it's taken me a while to get collected on things of less priority. Thanks to everyone who donated or helped out. I'll add some pics later on:

    9 September 2007


    Thanks to Lake Lyndsay for asking us at last year’s outing to make Fishing For Friends an annual event. The Beach House shelter and patio are absolutely perfect for our needs, and the addition of wheelchair accessible restrooms this year is a huge help, allowing us to keep the activities in one area. It’s great of them to donate the use of the facilities - please remember that Lake Lyndsay has several full service banquet and party halls for your next wedding, prom, or corporate dinner.

    We’ve heard feedback from a lot of folks who attended and can say without a doubt we had a big success with the second outing. I was worried when the storm came through at 3:30 Sunday morning, as it looked like we might really get rained out. Several people had called the night before asking if we had a rain date, but the logistics of an outing like this dictate that it push ahead rain or shine and we ended up with both. The day dawned hot, muggy, drizzly and ended up sunny, hot and dry as we were going in to dinner. On and off showers did not deter anyone from fishing, and we caught a lot of nice fish.

    It was a blessing to have such good help at 7AM Sunday morning, as Peggy and Steve, Lindsay and Kevin, Chris, Blake, Debbie and I loaded trucks and cars with the what looked like the contents of an exploded sporting goods store from the garage. We had banner and signs, cases of soda and water, fishing equipment, prizes, tables, cornhole games, and supporting hardware packed and on the road at 7:30. Arriving at Lake Lyndsay, we unloaded vehicles on the patio and set out all the goods, arranged tables in the shelter, and cordoned off the fishing area. Kevin broke away to retrieve bait at Mary & Clyde’s while the rest of us kept arranging. Edith & Jerry, Jeremy, Dan & Jamie and Sebastian, Kathy & Scott and Sandy (I’ve probably missed someone by now) all came by to pitch in early, and all set about rigging over a hundred 12-ft telescopic poles along with rod and reel combos with line, hook, and bobber. Ami and Jeff arrived as our volunteer EMS unit from St. Clair Township Fire Department. Around 10:00, a small caravan of volunteers left to pick up the food and drinks, and the balance of volunteers arrived on time. BigJohn and crew came in with the trailer grill all the way from Williamsburg, and the scene was complete. A look from the upper drive, where Jeremy had parking duty, reminded me of a beehive!

    Debbie took on the dietary coordination for us, and had a lot of help at her school kitchen on Saturday from Kevin, Debbie Christophel, and Shirley Drury. The team set up 270 box lunches with ham or turkey sandwich, packaged apple slices, and a cookie. On top of that, they prepped tons of dinner items for the cookout, baked and wrapped cookies, and arranged them all in the refrigerator and freezer for easy pickup on Sunday. Eileen and volunteers served the box lunch as participants arrived on Sunday. Again, some great volunteers!

    Edith and Jerry and Sandy managed check-in, and each pre-registered participant and volunteer received a personalized brass coin commemorating the 2nd ANNUAL SW OHIO FISHING FOR FRIENDS OUTING (Special thanks to Unison Dayton toolroom). Each person who checked in had their name put in a pot for the prize drawings, and also had their pick of sunglasses, water bottles, can coolers, and other donated items from the table. Volunteers also signed in on the instructor roster for Ohio Department of Natural Resources “Step Outside” program, a new grant we received in 2007 that provides funding to offset some costs for outdoor education programs open to the public. Volunteers met participants and guided them to lunch and fishing. There was a steady number of people interested in viewing the photo album from our 2006 outing, and some requested copies of specific pics – I’ll have them in the mail in a few days.

    ODNR Wildlife Officer Aaron Ireland was with us again this year. He brought fishing and hunting information, brochures, Wild Ohio Magazine, discussed outdoor topics with lots of folks. The bobbers and fish tattoos were a hit with everyone.

    Peggy and Sandy volunteered as Nurses for this outing, and with Jeff and Ami in the EMS we had excellent coverage for any medical emergency that might have come up. Thankfully, we had none, but you can’t be too prepared!

    We didn’t find any of the huge bass from last year’s event, but we did catch some nice fish. We used 1000 nitecrawlers, 50-dozen redworms, 1000 waxworms, and 5 lbs of minnows, chubs and shiners. Shawn Senger was first, about 30 seconds in the water and out came a nice 2-lb channel cat. Bluegill, bass, and catfish were all hungry, and catching was hot for the first hour or so. Nicole Washmuth landed 4 (maybe more I didn’t see) channel cats, some over 6 pounds! Nathan Farmer and Marshal Chamberlin, and Jason, got some nice ones on the ramp. Scott was helping the two Brians on the corner, and they were tearin’ em’ up! Volunteers Blake, Steve, Tony, and Dan and their guests all had hands full with hungry turtles as well as bluegill, bass, and channels.

    Rain came and went in light showers, but it didn’t hamper our efforts. The natural ebb and flow of fishing and catching progressed through the day. Josh, Bradley, Jamie, Sandy, Jason, and Justin all pulled in bass, and Brent and his dad were catching cats. Thomas Richardson lost a big one while talking (to his girlfriend…?) on the cell phone! Heather and Shaun were catching bluegills, and Mark Trainer landed the biggest bluegill of the day, a real whopper. Jim West was helping Fran and the folks on the south rail with 3 fish on the deck at one time, when all of a sudden one of the canepoles went scooting over the railing and took off out into the lake. Kailyn caught the last bluegill of the afternoon, and it was getting very hot and sunny. Just the time to break for a cookout at 4:00.

    BigJohn Lester and the precision grill team had things timed perfectly. It was nice to be able to have them right on the patio this year. They cooked about 100 chicken breasts, 80 brats and metts, and 150 hamburgers. Eileen and the dinner team presented the grilled menu along with potato salad, beans, more chips, fruit, and more cookies. We served 300 bottles of water and over 400 cans of soda throughout the day. Thanks to everyone that cooked and served and brought food to share.

    As dinner was drawing to a close, we started to pull registered participants’ names for the prizes. We distributed 35 spincast combos, 2 spinning combos, 64 tackle boxes (each with packs of Mustad hooks, a bag of splitshot, bobbers), over 50 of the 12-ft poles, hats, 2 cornhole game sets, and other assorted goodies. Everyone present got something to take home.

    Thanks to all of our sponsors, we were also able to have a volunteer drawing, and each had their pick of gift certificates and merchandise that had been donated. We presented a plaque thanking Lake Lyndsay for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities again. We wrapped up just after 5:00, backed in the vehicles, and everyone helped load up. The Beckman family and I took leftover and unprepared food to Haven House Emergency Shelter in Hamilton for distribution in their kitchen, while the remaining volunteers caravanned back to the garage to stow the rest of the stuff. Our volunteers are the best!

    I had some phone messages and e-mails waiting Sunday evening, expressing thanks for the nice day and all the effort by our volunteers and sponsors. I think most everybody would agree all the participants, staff and family members, and volunteers had a great time. We had at least 95 registered participants from 8 to 80 years old from the 109 that signed up, 55+ volunteers, and almost 100 family and staff, coming from 7 SW Ohio counties. Over 38 private citizens, small businesses and corporations donated funding, food, and merchandise to help us make this a free event.

    Special Thanks to:
    Lyndsay Rapier and Lake Lyndsay - 4845 Augspurger Rd. Hamilton, OH 45011
    Toward Independence
    Butler County MRDD
    Therapeutic Recreation for the Disabled Newsletter
    Debbie Malone for perfect nutrition planning & Debbie and Shirley for hours of prep
    Jim Klingensmith & Gary May - Unison Dayton for the great coins
    Amy Kumer & Dennis Rogers at GE Volunteers
    Jennifer McCray and Eric Postel at ODNR and the Step Outside grant
    Bob Funk at O. Mustad & Sons USA for the hooks and pocket angling guidebooks
    Aaron Ireland – ODNR Wildlife Officer District 5
    Craig & Lesley at C&J Sports Inc. for the sweet deal (again) on canepoles and boxes

    Academic Insights Cincinnati, OH
    Buffalo Wild Wings Hamilton, OH
    C & J Sports Inc Ridgeway, SC
    Cabela’s Sidney, NE
    Colonial Woods Furniture Oxford, OH
    The Crowell Company Cincinnati, OH
    Edith & Jerry Downey New Carlisle, OH
    Engler Art & Engraving Centerville, OH
    Bob Evans Restaurant Hamilton, OH
    Frisch’s Restaurant Hamilton, OH
    FritoLay Columbus, OH
    GE Volunteers Cincinnati, OH volunteers
    Fairfield Civitan Club Fairfield, OH
    Peggy & Steve Horgan Cincinnati, OH
    Dave Kindel Springboro, OH
    Klosterman Bakery Cincinnati, OH
    Kroger Hamilton, OH
    Lake Lyndsay Hamilton, OH
    John Lester Willamsburg, OH
    JT Malone Family Groesbeck, OH
    DJ Malone Family Fairfield Twp, OH
    Mary & Clyde’s Bait Hamilton, OH
    Kathy & Scott McPherson Xenia, OH
    Meijer Fairfield, OH
    O. Mustad USA Auburn, NY
    ODNR STEP OUTSIDE Program Columbus, OH
    Pierre Frozen Foods Springdale, OH
    Old Spaghetti Factory Forest Park, OH
    Red Lobster Forest Park, OH
    RIO Association Middletown, OH
    St. Clair Township Lifesquad Hamilton, OH
    Peter A. Towne Physical Therapy Fairfield, OH
    Symme's Tavern Fairfield, OH
    Toward Independence Xenia, OH
    TriState Juice Company Milford, OH
    Unison Dayton Beavercreek, OH
    Wal-Mart Hamilton, OH

    Ami Anglin
    Eileen Georgopoulos
    Shawn Nelson
    Sandy Baldwin
    Emily Georgopoulos
    Dan Oehler
    Chris Beatty
    Katie Georgopoulos
    Patty Oehler
    Doug Beckman
    Tasos Georgopoulos
    Joe O'Grady
    Jeff Beckman
    Sara Habedank
    Lindsay Paulenich
    Nancy Beckman
    Tony Holbrook
    Steve Reynolds
    Chelsea Chamberlin
    Peggy Horgan
    Steve Riddle
    Greg Chow
    Steve Horgan
    Blake Rinderle
    Debbie Christophel
    Cathy Howell
    Harry Schmidt
    Betty Dostie
    Jeremy Hughes
    Peggy Schmidt
    Edith Downey
    Aaron Ireland
    Jason Spicer
    Jerry Downey
    John Krotchen
    Tanya Spicer
    Shirley Drury
    John Lester
    Katie Swallows
    Dan Ellis
    Debbie Malone
    Cheyenne Wagoner
    Jamie Ellis
    Dennis Malone
    Rhonda Wagoner
    Connie Flick
    Kevin Malone
    Shawna Wagoner
    Jeff Flynn
    Kathy McPherson
    Jim West
    Scott McPherson

    As in last year’s newsletter, if I’ve left anyone out, mis-identified anybody, or butchered someone’s name I apologize - please let me know. Please distribute this newsletter to everyone who might be interested.

    Be on the lookout for details of the 3rd ANNUAL FISHING FOR FRIENDS SPECIAL NEEDS OUTING at Lake Lyndsay in 2008.

    Thanks for being a FRIEND!

    Dennis Malone – SW Ohio Event Chairman
    3808 Schroeder Dr.
    Hamilton, OH 45011

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