Fishing for Friends outing

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  1. The Fishing for Friends outing is set for June 4th.Same place as last year,the first shelter house on eastbank rd. on Grand Lake St.Marys.We`re going to run it from 9am to 1pm or as long as they want to fish.

    We are going to do a hog roast at the outing this year with the help of Bigjohn513.This is gonna be a real treat for everyone.I should have the fliers printed up in the next couple weeks or so and when there done i`ll post and let everyone know they are ready.

    I am still looking for corporate sponcers if anyone knows a company that would be willing to help out and anyone who wants to help out again this year just let me know.

    I talked to Craig Morton the parks director for Grand Lake and he told me that he wasn`t sure if the state would allow him to waive the parking pass fee for this outing,but he is checking on it for me and i`ll let you know how it turns out.

    As i get more details worked out for the outing i`ll post them.

  2. crappielooker

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    bub.. u know i will be there.. :)

  3. Bub
    We'll be there.
    Do you still have the info on the grant ?
    I'll also see what I can do with a couple of corps.
  4. Ak i knew you would be there man, couldn`t see you missing it because the rest of your family will be

    George i do need the info if you have a link to it please send it to me. i may need some help filling it out since this is the first one for me. I`m also checking on what i need to do to make this a 501(c)3 certified orginization so that should helpout with the corperate sponcers .thanks for the help.

  5. catking

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    DA KING !!! is really looking forward to being a small part of this great event again !!! Thanks Rob ............... ~**~
  6. H2O Mellon

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    misse dit last year, but of corse we went to the Cowen lake thing, so maybe their ideas will help. I'll make sure I'm there. Maybe we can set up some 'cattin at night. If I can get someone to watch the kids Jenny willl be there too.
  7. bill_gfish

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    I will be there! I will be there early catchin bass again. Can't believe some called me a liar on that 3 lber I caught before you all showed up. Anyway, I can help set up and stuff if needed. I better fresh up on my wrestling and country music too. :D

  8. I knew i could count on you guys. thanks!!

  9. That still has not been approved and will not have anymore movement till March 7th or 9th can't remember which one...
    GREAT cause you have going there GOOD LUCK!!!
  10. skipjack11

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    It's still a long way off but I would sure hate to miss it. Keep us posted. :)
  11. Zfish

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    Bub.... Im still checking into a few things for you and I'll let you know if I come up with anything. I'm already looking forward to it and I'm sure Ben is too lol. Can't wait.. Ak and King looking forward to seeing you guys there again :)
  12. catking

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    Be seeing ya there ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZfish. Think you can possibly find your way :rolleyes: CK :cool:
  13. gunner70

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    Hey all, Ive been away awile but I'm looking forward to the outing. My family and I look forward to seeing you all again. And I think I can top what I brought last year. But im not sure yet. I have to get on the boys at work.Bub if you need my number again pm me and ill give it to ya. Later guys :D
  14. Hey Gunner it`s been awhile how ya been? I know those kids got a real kick out of them last year.if you and your family can ,you should plan on camping with us this year at the the outing.Ithink there was 10 ro12 of us last year that stayed at the camp ground ,now that was a real treat.i think i have your # but you better send it to me again just incase.

  15. I have the fliers done along with the donation letter if any one wants one let me know and i`ll get them out to you.we got our new logo done and i think it looks pretty good.Our web sight should be up and running here shortly and with a BIG THANK YOU going out to Shakedown for all the work he has put into this.As soon as i get a couple things worked out on my end it should be up and running.

  16. Will you have the fliers available for download off your website?
  17. Yeah you can do the download as soon as the site is up and going.I`m tryin to get my scanner to work as soon as i get it going i can E-mail one to ya if you want. just give me your address.

  18. My scanner has bit the dust if you will send me your address and i`ll mail it out to you in the morning.If you have a fax i can send it that way also.Just PM me with the details.

  19. Ok guys thanks to atrkyhntr we now have the flier on here for everyone to see.Also thats my address and phone # if anyone has any questions please ask.

    Thanks Clyde for the help