Fishing for Bass in Weeds

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  1. I am still new to Bass Fishing. Went to a pond in West Chester last night and was :S .

    I tried several spinnerbaits and some crank baits. Everything I threw out came back with weeds attached to it, even the top water lures.

    What is the best way to fish for Bass in weeded areas???
  2. Need to buy some weedless lures and/or hooks and attached an artificial bait to it. Forget about spinner baits when fishing vegetation. Crankbait are also a bad idea unless you are cast just short of the weeds, attempting to lure the bass out of the vegitation.

    What you use will depend on the amount, type, and thickness of the vegitation, as well as where the bass are hitting (on top, 1 foot under, or deeper).

    I'm no expert, but absolutely love fishing for bass in vegitation. My favorite is a weedless frog (or Kermie as me and my friends call it). Just about any place that sells rods and hooks will also have a weedless frog lure. Pick up some weedless hooks to, and make your own setup by attaching soft plastic artificial baits.

    When you find the right setup for the pond and when the bass are in the vegitation, you'll have a blast. Don't forget about your line too. If the vegitation is really thick, you'll want at least 8lb test to pull out those bass when they dive for cover. And when they get hooked, they WILL dive down into cover.

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    try some weedless top water baits worked real slow. and aggitate them with some fast topwater baits on another rod .i like to use a rubber frog real slow and natural.
  4. Nothing like a weedless frog but if that ain't working, try some rubber worms.
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    Tube on a weedless jighead. You will still get gunkedup every now and again, but it will sink into the holes in the weeds where the fish are.
  6. Kermit the frog is a very good method. My favorite is take a six inch worm, hold your rod tip high , work the worm on top of the weeds in short hops. I use fireline, it cuts through the weeds and is very difficult to break.
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    you know ive been having a hell of a time finding weedless jig heads at local sporting goods stores. just plain jig heads with the hook protecting skirt or something similar. short of ordering them online, where are you guys finding them. i checked our walmarts(like they have much anyways) and dicks sporting goods. the next pick would be gander mountain but its a bit of a drive.
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    4" SENKOS! SIZE 4/0 HOOK......all you need!
  9. Try a Mann's White Rat.Fish it slow with a steady retreive.You gotta be focused..Roscoe:B
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    I'll go with the Senko also....especially since CO Trout did not say the weeds are on the surface...sounds like just a pond with alot of grass/moss in it and mostly under water. Frogs are not the ticket unless you are fishing surface vegetation or lily pads or the like. (if this was open water he was referring to). Senko is pretty weedless if texas rigged with NO weight.
  11. Thanks for the advise. Will try these next time out.