fishing findlay#2

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  1. has ne1 fished there and my wife bought a new house in april and ive not had a chance to go there this year..i might hav some time soon and wanna know if i can catch some of those tasty cats in there...thnx 4 your post...
  2. If you catch a bunch of small sunfish before hand and fish at night with them on bottom you should be able to catch them almost all the time. I havent done very well fishing there lately but I see people catching catfish there a lot. I dont know if its all reservoirs in the area that are like this but fish there seem to be extremely sensitive to weather and barometric conditions. Unless the weather is perfect with a light breeze blowing in your direction it seems like nothing will bite. Ive never seen fish be so finicky until I moved here and started fishing the Findlay reservoirs. When they are biting though its pretty good.

  3. i'm plannin on hittin up res 2 tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes if i make it out there.
  4. I went out there last night after dark, it was cold and windy but I had something grab at a crankbait I was throwing from the boat dock. It was out deep straight off the end. It grabbed it and darted out to the right and the hook ripped out. I fished that crankbait for about a half hour to get that one bite and then was so disgusted I went home. Maybe next time.
  5. Ray one of the best spots for me on Res #2 has been the south corner where #1 and two meet. I park on #1 and walk till I reach #2 and then fish that corner. Have had great luck with some nice channels over the years in that area...
  6. we trolled cranks around #2 for an hour and a half tonight and didn't even get a bite. I saw one channel caught and another guy had somethin fairly large on for a while and it ended up getting off.
  7. Just a thought. I don't have, maybe later on when the water temp drops some, the fishing will pick up again?
  8. thnx 4 all ur help ppl...i didnt hav time again 2 go fishin again..maybe its the end of the season 4 me..ive been shootin my bow alot lately...its my first year tryin archery...mayb ill jus do that...if i hav again every1