Fishing Club on State St.

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  1. Anyone know anything about that fishing club?(Ohio Fish Camp) across from the trap range on State St. just west of Rt. 44? I've been past it a couple times and wondered what that is?! Thx.
  2. thelatrobe33

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    I live in Louisville, and have been tempted to stop many times but never have. As far as I can tell, it's just a pay lake. I'm pretty certain it's only open on the weekends. I'll probably have to just go check it out in the spring. I always see people there on the weekend sitting on their tailgates and fishing for panfish & catfish (I assume). Would love to know if anyone has ever been...

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    25/30yrs ago i fished this pond and it was some great fishing.. Back then i wasn't thinking straight and would sneak on the well marked private property and wet a line. Was so grown up back then you could get nested in a bush pile and fish .Strange i would NEVER hunt on PP but i felt fishing was different ..Well that lasted three trips Then we got busted and was told never to come back..I was glad to just get a warning ..Anyway we caught a lot of slab gills, bass and a few cats .There was a bigger lake further back that was killer also. Sorry not much help for now, but you brought back some fishing memories
  4. Pay lake seems to be the concensus. I'd pay to catch some big gills thru the ice! Long time dream of mine-but they probably close up for winter?!