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  1. New here to this site and to Ohio and I am looking for some info on local fishing. I fished a couple of times at Clearfork but basically I am lost at what works best. I just moved from Florida so my Florida experience is not helping at all.

    What is the best fish to fish for when fishing from the shore and what is the best lures or bait. I am also fishing with my 6 year old son so you akll probaly know I am also looking for child friendly type fishing.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    If you don't mind sinking to the depths of being a carp fisherman Clear fork is awsome! Go to the park that has the handicapt peir at it. Is that park 3? Anyways, fish to the left of the handicapt peir but right off the point infront of it, you'll see when you get there. Use good old sweet corn, I've had days there where ya couldn't fish more than one rod.

    Great carp fishing, lots of big fish, and will keep your 6 year old entertained!

  3. Zfish

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    I have to agree. I fished there with Tom a few times. Never had a whole lot of luck there from shore for other species but I didnt fish it all that much either.
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    I just read today muskies in clearfork have VHS
    I think they like buzzbaits worked on the weeds there...

    Its not harmful lol great way for me to introduce a newbie right? ;)
    Welcome to the site
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    haha, I really wouldn't recommend trying musky fishing first, expecially with a 6 year old. VHS is very dangerous, just not to humans....

    Can't remember it fishing with you Zortman, hard to beleive too man, fishing with you is hard to forget :D
  6. Thanks for all the info guys I really appreciate it. I used to do alot of Musky fishing when I lived in Northern Alberta but that was so long ago and from a boat. So any info on here will help.

    The first time my son got a fish on he threw the rod down and ran so smaller fish is good for now. Now as far as I'm concerned I would love to do some Musky fishing or something bigger then the little bait size fish we were catching.
  7. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Like zortman said, it can be tough shore fishing there for other speices. Best I could recommend as far as that goes is go down stream of clearfork and fish some of the holes with worms. Lots of rock bass and gills down there.
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    Another suggestion would be Knox lake. You could fish under the roller dam there. There are some really nice Channels and carp there. There are some bigger gills mixed in but most will be on the smaller side. Same with the bass. May be some smaller ones below. Usually if you walk up to the top of it though is some better gill / bass fishing :)
  9. Fishman

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    Zortmans old haunt definitally use to be Knox, I only fished it a few times as a kid, but if I remember correctly it was pretty good and doesn't get a terribly ammount of pressure for anything other than bass and the bassin' is still pretty good.