Fishing Causes Cancer???!!!

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  1. I was at Walmart today looking at the reels and noticed a warning posted on the back of the packing on almost all of them.

    "Warning-This product contains a chemical known to the state of Califorinia to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm."

    Somebody please explain this to me.

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    Almost every product you buy has a label like that. That contains fiberglass of some kind that is.
    Or it says something about causing cancer in canada.

    In short, don't eat your fishing gear and you should be ok.

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    possible second explanation...... California thinks that EVERYTHING causes cancer and birth defects.:D ;)
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    Could possibly be lead. There are warnings on lead products.
  5. Could be any number of things but since you were looking at a reel one possiblility would be the gear lubricant especially if it was a reel that comes with a special lubricant in one of those applicator bottles. All sorts of stuff in those lubs are known carcinogens, mutagens etc. and they gotta cover their behinds.

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    And whoooooo had me worried for a min.

    Luckily you can disregard that information.

    As you have already read the package and it says known to cause cancer in california and we are in ohio so were good to go.

    and since we don't have sun year around lol and we only fish half the time were ok. and for those that ice fish they figure they are crazy anyway so something will get them before the cancer so they were excluded from the surveys and studies.

    In all seriousness, most every lure or fishing item says that, it has to do with the paints, leads, chemicals in production, lubricants etc that everyone else has mentioned.
  7. Nut bags in California, also be carefull of spoons> Look how FAT & DISGUSTING they made rosie.
  8. I have noticed a lot of CA products say this even sweepers. I try to avoid those products but like you said almost all the fishing stuff says it.

    Here is a clip of infor from a website I will link below...

    Why are some products labelled and others not?
    The packaging and labelling regulations for consumer chemicals products in Canada is the Consumer Chemical and Container Regulations CCCR (2001), which is found in the Hazardous Products Act.

    In November 2006, labels on cosmetic products will have to list their ingredients – something that isn't currently required.

    For nearly two years, Mae Burrows, executive director of the Labour Environmental Alliance Society, has been fighting for warning labels about carcinogens on products. Health Canada is now in talks with various stakeholders (including Burrows and product manufacturers) about updating labelling rules.

    In the meantime, Burrows would like companies to at least inform consumers when their products contain a possible human carcinogen, something that isn't currently required.

    For instance, there is currently no regulation requiring the listing of ingredients, including known carcinogens, on consumer cleaning product labels (although products that include ingredients deemed "hazardous" are required to display the "hazard symbol").


    I searched the net for more specific info in regards to cancer labels and walmart and fishing products but came up with nothing.

    Bascially, I think these products have to have these labels (like previously mentioned) just to cover their butts. It's like medication..every possible thing has to be listed...might cause this might cause that. Some of the side effects listed sound worse than the actual illness being treated.
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    bwahahahahahahahhaahaaaaa ...... This is going to have me laughing for weeks .
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    everythong causes cancer in KALIFORNIA
  11. It's likely that BD is correct-lead is used in many fishing products.It was probably a generic label the manufacturer places on all their products.

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    Finally going to be a millionare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  13. California is extremely strict when it comes to 'hazardous materials' and the like.

    You cannot buy oil based paint in California (so I've heard), and all motorized vehicles sold in California, be it a car, atv, or a lawnmower, must meet or exceed their strict emmisions standards.

    I find it all pretty ironic. The last time I was in California (Los Angeles), you couldn't even see above the tenth floor of buildings due to the smog from the automobiles.
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    lets put it this way.... california.... a robot sent back from the future,that likes to hunt invisible aliens in costa rica, is governer... and this is pretty cool.... however... california is home to hollywood and beverly hills where what celebrities do is more important then actual news and also means that vanity and health crazes rule with an iron fist... this makes everything ,except for soy, botox and plastic surgery, is more evil then satan himself and causes cancer... this should tell you that stuff in california isnt right...... its a shame that some people say that the fishing out in cali is excellent

    id rather be humble in ohio, then crazy in california :D
  15. according to the state of california everything causes cancer, so i tell all the ganster kids that rap causes cancer. though i dont think fishing causes cancer, it is possibly the most addictive thing out there