Fishing at the Islands?????

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  1. Does anyone know how they are doing at the islands? I am thinking about making the trip this weekend or early next week.
  2. I just talked to a friend of mine on South Bass Island. He said that the water is still very muddy, and the fishing is dead!! He said that he was marking a lot of fish, but not any bites. I am wanting to go back up again, but I am waiting on a good fishing report to make the trip. If I hear any good news I will post it here.

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    I hate to hear that it is still so stinking muddy. I was planning on going up this weekend but there is no reason to go with the current water conditions. My buddy went up last weekend and he also said the same thing. He fished all day trying to find somewhat better or clear water and didnt run across any(30 gal. of fuel later he called it a day). He didnt ice a single fish. Well I will keep my fingers crossed.