Fishing at Ceasar Creek Sunday

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    I went to Ceasar Creek Sunday afternoon to fish the gorge. At the tunnel where the water exits the lake and enters the gorge creek area there are hundreds on top of hundreds of carp, saugeye, a few muskie, sheephead, and some bass. They were attempting to run up the channel back into the tunnel to get to the lake side (which is impossible) but to them they dont have a clue. haha...

    Within 45 minutes of fishing it I caught a 20+ pound carp. My buddy caught a 6-8lb sheephead and 7-9lb carp. We saw some carp in there appearing to be 40+pounds each. I plan on hitting it again early friday morning to see what we can do.

    The water levels were very low.

    Also ventured back into flat fork creek area of CC on foot. The area was overgrown, fishing was horrible back in there for a change.


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    but the big bluegill are a ton of fun.