fishing as a high school sport

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  1. there's some good reading in the december issue of bassmaster. some high schools in the country have added fishing as a high school sport. it would have been sweet to get my letter in fishing. i got my letter in wrestling.
  2. Clayton

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    Man, that would be awesome... I pushed for a fishing club in highschool and even that didn't get anywhere :-\

  3. I used to skip school to go fishing...Bout time they did somting about this..
  4. My Son mentioned something to me a couple weeks ago about a fishing club at his middle school, havent gotten any details yet but I told him to look into it for sure.
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    LOL my whole high school career has been summed up!!!!! Why put our high school parking lot less than 200 yards from the river? What did they expect from me?

    It makes sense considering you can sew(sp) and bowl in some high schools. Why not get kids out on the rivers and lakes for a little fishing? That is awesome. I know that alot of colleges have fly fishing as an elective!!!
  6. I wish my school offered that. To late now...
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    ya, im in high school now. obviously that would be my top priotity too had it been offered. ive heard that a pretty good amount of southern colleges have taken up bass fishing as a VARSITY sport! that is something i may want to look in tofor the future
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    MUSK is a teacher and he runs a fishing club at his school. maybe he will chime in here with some info or maybe PM him with any questions.
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    Oh only 23 and my highschool memories are still pretty fresh, oh how i would of loved fishing as a sport... i would of been all-state, all-american, and would have gotten scholarships LOL ! :)

    anyways...i dont think this will get too far cuz of the resistance from groups such as peta or something like that....i dont would be awesome though!
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    Fishing is not a contest so how can it be a sport?
  11. with as big as fishing has become, especially catfishing, this is a great thing to hear, if only they had this when i was in highschool my gpa would have been higher LOL, so anyone invent a time machine yet so we can all letter in fishing LOL:D
  12. I'm pretty sure Norton High School has a bass fishing team/club... I thought I heard Coventry High School did too.

    Would be great if more schools had some sort of fishing club like that.
  13. Our High School In Town Dosent Have A Fishing Club, But A Few Years Ago One Of The Teachers Set Up A Trap Shooting Club. They Now Have Their Own Trap Shooting Course And On Certian Days It Is Open To The Public. They Have Competed Against Other Schools In The State. Ohio Wild Mag Did An Article On Them In This Past Summer Or Sring Issue. ....great Little Community I Live In..amazing..WE Teach Our Kids How To Shoot!!!!