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  1. Hey Everybody, I came across this while searching and am soliciting some advice from you guys who have the knowledge.

    I am looking to take my Dad fishing (late September - October if the time is right for it), but what I am looking for is where I can find a place to go where we can throw on some waders, grab a spinning rod (read: not fly fishing) and some spinner bait or basic fly and essentially stroll down the river in our waders and fishing pockets for bass or whatever else hides in those areas.

    I am looking for a river that is going to have the fish (doesn't matter what type), but we can also walk the entire time.

    We don't have the gear (I will be buying the rod/reel and lures for us) so I would like advice on that as well.

    Thanks in advance,

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    What area do you live in Todd, a good little ultra light would be good for walking a river its small and compact short rod.

  3. First of all welcome to the OGF community! I am sure you will find a lot of helpful people here.

    Since you are just getting started you better prepare yourself for plenty of info.;)

    You did not mention what part of the state you are located in? The river fishing like you mentioned can pretty much be found in all parts of the state. So you should not have to travel far to find some decent fishing.

    As far as equipment for river fishing I would suggest a spinning rod setup in something medium/medium light class. Look for a reel that will handle 8-10# line as this is what you will probably want to use. During this time of the year you can get by without waders. The waters are very warm (mid-70's or more). Just make sure you have a sturdy pair of shoes to wade in. I would recommend not wading in sandals as it is rougher on the feet and you may get cut by objects in the river.

    Once you point out the region of the state I am sure plenty of folks here can offer more suggestions.
  4. Thanks for the replies gang.

    I live in Parma Heights (up near Cleveland).

    I am guessing a drive down to Loudinville or something would be ok, I just didn't want to jump in an area that is populated with canoe'rs or something.

  5. I can't help you on rivers up in your home area but as I said earlier, I am sure there are opportunities nearby. I don't know how far the trip is to Loudonville but there is some good fishing in that area. If you are looking to avoid as many poeple as possible you can try the area upstream from the Mohican State Park. There are the occasional canoes and some campers tubing but not much. There are plenty of opportunities in that stretch for smallmouth and some state stocked trout. Also the saugeyes that come out of the spillway of Pleasant Hill hang in that area of the river. On down below the park there are more of the same along with a chance of hooking a northern pike. I am not nearly as familiar with that area as some others here are but that at least gives you an idea of what is there for starters.
  6. By the way that area can be fished pretty easily by wading but obviously as you head downstream and pick up more tributataries there will be more and more deep pools. For the most part the deep pools can be fished and you can walk around the deep water.
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    Lures is not in my backpack that time of the year, enough
  8. Try Little Derby Alot Of Smallies There!