fishin scioto river near bellpoint

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  1. not new to the area. but new to the scioto. would like to try my luck at one of the pull-offs along 257 and try my luck. if anyone can pass a couple pointers on where what and why would really be ablidged. gadabout
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    There is a pull-off on 257 just south of the zoo. Its right near the Franklin/Deleware border. Its nice to shorefish or even better to wade. Jigs and small crankbaits seem to pull in everything that swims ;)
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    Drove up to Bellpoint yesterday didn't look too bad. (no fishing gear) never was a boy scout!
    Went below Oshay tonight caught a few but man the Scioto has been tough fishing over the past week. Not sure what's going on but it's been pretty slow. Water is still pretty murky never takes this long to clear up. Anyone know if they are dredging or doing any work in the resevoir?
    Gadabout, maybe try Alum for awhile they seem to be doing better that way and water, according to posts is much clearer.
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    i live in the prospect area and i have deffienetly noticed that the water is very stained still and i don't get it the water level is really good i don't know of any dredgeing going on but i sure hope that it clears up by this weekend because that is were i will be
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    Maybe that chicken farm up by Larue is dumping in it? I dunno.

  7. Bellpoint...the delta that joins scioto and mills river I always have good luck
    when oshay gets tuff I go north and always have been lucky..A couple of thursday back I make in second place all my keepers came from that delta
    on a geenpumpkin tube...good luck to you
  8. thanks guys for the info. will be fishing the delta this weekend. can anyone tell me when certain runs of fish occur such as crappies white bass or saugeye so I can get an idea when to go throughout the year. thanks will give report soon