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  1. Coot

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    I've decided on TWO new fishfinders for the boat. I would love to get a Lowrance but to save a few dollars I'm leaning toward an Eagle 480 in the front and an Eagle 480/GPS in the back.

    I've decided against color...again to save a few dollars.

    Opinions ?
  2. Rednek

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    I think you better "save" your dollars a little longer so you can buy color models.

    You didn't say what Eagle models you were looking to buy but I would make the assumption that one is the SeaFinder 480DF and the other is the FishElite 480 Combo.

    Looks like for another $200 you can have them both color.

    In my opinion color displays make a would of differences.

  3. The Eagle 480 is pretty good, not nearly as good as a Lowrance, but it still finds fish.

    But I would've gotten them in color, it makes a much bigger difference in terms of clarity and Identifying fish.

    I would've gotten the one in the front in color
  4. I have the Eagle Fishelite640C that is color and it is well worth the extra money! If I were you I would at least splurge on the GPS unit and get color you wont believe the difference it makes.
  5. I have to disagree. Eagle units are made by Lowrance. You usually get more bang for your buck with an Eagle. When I got my FishElite 640C IGPS it was $50 cheaper, slightly less power, but 640 vertical pixels instead of 480, compared to the Lowrance model. The clarity and target separation are directly related to the pixel count. The color is great for identifying bottom transitions, rocks, wood, weeds, etc. I would get it if at all possible but the most important feature is vertical pixel count.
  6. Coot

    Coot It's all about the doin'

    I was going with nothing less than 480 X 480

    You all almost have me convinced to go with color.

    I enjoy hearing everyones opinion.
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