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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Cat~n~Crappie, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Looking to invest in a new Fishfinder this year and was wanting to get some feedback from users here on what I should be looking for...

    Currently we have a Garmin 160. It seems to do pretty good when we are out at the lake looking for Crappie, but we want something better, something that will help us locate Cats on the Mighty Ohio.... Our Garmin just doesn't seem to mark any fish on the Ohio...not sure why...

    I hear people mostly talking about Lowrance, so me and my fishing partner went to BPS and talked to the guy there and he basically told us our Garmin should do just fine...I don't buy it....

    We are wanting to stay under $500 on our next purchase, so what do you all recommend? GPS is not really necessary since we have a hand held Magellan Meridian Gold that seems to do a pretty good job for us. Any info is very much appreciated....

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