Fishfinder ?, Int. or ext. GPS antenna ?

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  1. Looking to get the Eagle 502C unit (wife finally gave me the ok to order it) and wondered what is preferred, the internal or external antenea ? any pros or cons to them, price is the same either way. Would be putting on a 17.5 Deep V with walk through.

    Thanks Salmonid
  2. I have the 502i, (internal). I like it alot no problems losing signal and less wiring to run, and most less hole to drill, no reciever to mount.


  3. I'm looking at same price range, but was going to go with Humminbird. Why Eagle? Did you pick thru the hull transduce? Intrested in the same question I thought I would go internal, just a guess.
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    I have the Lowrance 334i, which is very similar to the Eagle 502. Have never had a problem with losing signal. I think that when these type of units first came out there were a lot of lost signal problems but Lowrance/Eagle have sinced fixed those problems.
    When you get yours, make sure that you have the latest updates in the software. Your unit will show you which software version is in it. Check the Eagle website and if there is a newer software version available load in into your device.

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    Mainly it is a personal preference, the externals are good if you have a tower or Bimini top on your boat, internals need a clear path to the sky so they would not work with the above.

    I have externals on both my units, I know guys that put them on the back of there transoms for marking spots and use the back of the boat as a reference point, I had a puck go bad on my Lowrance 350 unit so I just replaced it, with the internal you would have to send the whole unit in.

    There have been days when that sun is so bright that I have put a towel over my color unit to be able to see the screen, so I'm glad my antenna are external or I would get a loss of GPS signal..........Doc
  6. My 642 is IGPS. I love the portability and not having to raise the tena but on cloudy nights and some clear the thing finds me then loses it. I think there is only 3 satelites and lay low at night in the horizion. Sometimes trollin to close to the southern shore really stinks but you might get that with the External antenna also.
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    I have the 522 iGPS and love it. Have never lost the signal, but maybe I haven't been in the same situation as others that have lost theirs. Much easier to install, and as someone said, no extra holes to drill or wire to run. Plus now I've ordered the ice pack that will turn it into an icin' machine. Don't know how that would've worked with an external?
  8. Lowrance is putting on classes about sonar/gps. It cost $75.00 of an 8 hour class but what a great day. I am looking at gps and wanted more info. It was a great day. I learned so much more about just setting up my sonars. I have a color Garmin on the front and an Eagle on the dash. I bass fish most of the time. The question about internal vs external antennas was brought up. If you have an internal, the unit most stay upright like you would have if it were dash mounted. Like most of us bass guys, we stand up on the front deck so we tilt the unit on its back to see it. That skrews up the internal antenna. They said to buy the external unit for that applacation. I went in there open minded and they did a good job of disscussing all units. I like my garmin but decided not to go to a garmin sonar/ gps. They are harder to use. Hummingbird also is harder to use. As for Eagle, they are a lesser quality Lowrance. I am going to go with the 520-C lowrance
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    I'm goin with a 520 C external for my bow also. The need for marker bouys may be over.
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    i too have the 334i, i love it, but got tired of always switching modes from sonar to gps or the lack of detail when running split screen. so, i got the 4900global map unit. it has an external antenna. i prefer the internal. the 4900s antenna has to have its own power source (12volt) and will run down a battery if not unhooked when not in use or you can install an on/off switch for the antenna(thats what i did).
  11. I bought a $700 Lowrance 334i, which is similar to the Eagle 502, three years ago. Worked great the first year, but the following year (after warranty period expired) it started to lose satellite contact once in awhile. Finally quit entirely. Still has great color sonar. So I now use a separate hand-held GPS. I would recommend buying separate GPS and sonar devices. Easier and less expensive to replace one device if it goes bad.
  12. Too late, just ordered the Eagle 502C Dual Frequency IGPS fishfinder with Internal Antenae. Found it for 449 including shipping. ( most want 549)
    Should be here Monday/Tuesday and hop eto have it installed before the next weekend for a test run! Will post any GPS questions after that as Im sure Ill have afew
    Thanks for everyones feedback, I really appreciate it!

  13. Using an external antenna allows placement of the antenna readings from nearest your transducer whether transom or bow for accurrate reads.

    Many fixed mounting locations for LCR/GPS also won't permit good reception for internal mounts.