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Fisherman's Warehouse

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by tech187, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Stopped by there for the first time today. I was quit impressed. I thought they had a great selection of fishing rods,reels,lures, and other equipment. They also have a good selection of hunting equipment in the back of the store. Most of the hunting clothes was 50% off. I even saw some rifle scopes for 50% off. They had a Simmons 3x9x32mm for well under $40. Can't beat that. They are certainly off the beaten path, but worth the time to check them out. Good luck fishing everybody.

    Fishermans Warehouse:
    1125 Williams rd.
    Columbus, Ohio 43207
    (614) 491-8383
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I was there yesterday as well, great selection, but bad prices..I was looking to stock up on terminal tackle for cattin...I will give you and example..Bag of 25 2-0z egg sinkers 16 bucks at fishermens warehouse, 7 bucks at catfish connection..Gama 8/0 hooks 3.79 for a pack of 6 at fishermens, 2.19 thru catfish connection..And the list just goes on...I do suppose that is comparable do other bait -tackle stores, but found out nobody can beat catfish connection on prices.

    However with that being said I still bought some items, mainly becuse the staff was so friendly...They do have a great selection of fishing supplies.

  3. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!

    I have found that Fishermans Warehouse has the best selection of catfish rods and reels I have found in Ohio. Those guys changed all the tips on my Big Cat rods in just a few minutes while I bought an Abu 6500 trophy reel {with a catfish lazered on the side :D }

    They filled the reel with 20# Big Game and I looked over their other rods and reels.