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    I've been set to make a decent size purchase for a while. Today I bought 2 rod/reel rigs. I had priced these at both BP and Cabela's. Fisherman's overall beat both their prices!! I was prepared to keep my money local if they were even close. I was able to keep my money local for a few dollars less!!!

    Hell of some nice guys in there too.

    I'll be headed there for a bow this summer.
  2. Sporty, Good to hear you got some new gear. The folks at Fishermans Warehouse are great!! Nice to see others keeping things local when they can too. I picked up some lures from 2 local guys at the Musky Show today.
    What kind of rigs did you pick up?

  3. sporty

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    2 St Croix Premiers (a 6'6" and a 7', both Medium/Fast), Shimano Citica and a Abu Revo S.
  4. fishermans wharehouse will work with you on the high dollar stuff, matt and mark are great guys. they hooked my buddy up with two of the new mathews hyperlite bows for a pretty good deal!
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    I don't care for them... They were supposed to order in a few reels for us and they never did/never called. So we just went to R&R and got them.
  6. Does anyone know if fisherman's warehouse or r&r has a selection of 10'+ light action crappie poles? I've only seen steelhead & 'rigger rods at dick's and gander.
  7. Where is Fisherman's Warehouse located at? I had the address last spring and was wanting to make a trip there but wasn't able to. Now i've lost the address

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    Fisherman's Warehouse
    1125 Williams Rd.
  9. what kind of lure selection to they have compared to dick's or gander? Seems like both of these stories only have a little bit of everything.
  10. They have more muskie and cat gear than dicks and gander put together. They have alot packed into a little store. Front half is fishing back half is hunting. cant coment on the hunting selection cause I never make it past the fishing part.
  11. 1125 williams rd. in what town trying to mapquest it and can't find anything about it
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    Columbus, south to south east side. East on Williams from High st. (23) on right hand side.
    I'm pretty sure they are or have a "real warehouse". If you don't see what your looking for in the store, ask. They brought a few things over for me from warehouse that were not on the shelves.
    Great people, very helpfull.
  13. Shaun Frame

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    Terry, I didn't see any dedicated "speck" rods at R&R or FW, Gander did have a rod called the "Pro Advantage Crappie", that I believe is made by B n M (they make good stuff), and goes up to 12' (2-piece). I picked up a couple last week.

    I buy most of my crappie toys from Grizzly jigs Good outfit to deal with.
    As far as rods go, I've tried most of whats out there at one time or another, and I'm pretty much sold on BnM rods for the kind of fishing I do. The various Handle/reel seats, guides, parabolas, tip action, spine, strength to weight, are just about exactly what I would make myself (that is of course, IF I knew how in the hell to make one; which I don't) .

    If you want borrow a few to try out before stimulating our new economy, get ahold of me. 14' rods are not everyones cup of tea, and may take some getting used to.

    Lightning has a much higher "pucker factor" when you realize the path to ground is 14 feet closer(and your in the way), and it's always good for laughs watching a macho "pro" angler try to swing a big slab on board with a 14' footer for the first time as it swings over his head just out of reach for three or four passes.

    Take care, and good luck to you and Rick in the May tourney.
  14. Hey BuckeyeLake08

    For the link you listed... there was a "location" link on the bottom of the page.
    That place is in California.
  15. Thanks Shaun. I probably won't go that long but I did want to get my hands on one before deciding. I'm looking for a versatile crappie rod for both brush and open water. I've used a steelhead rod for rippin their lips out of thick bushes but I love a light action rod for open water. Its almost impossible to lose a big fish on a long whippy rod.
  16. SwollenGoat

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    Terry, I went a different route last year and picked up one of BPS's 9' Float and Fly rods. It's got plenty of backbone and enough sensitivity to make it great for crappie.
  17. A little pricey but exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks goat!
  18. Shaun Frame

    Shaun Frame Hoover Speck Remover

    "Float and Fly" rods do work well for pitching fixed float rigs in relatively shallow water (less than rod length deep), and also "dipping" light jigs vertically around cover in wind protected areas like bays and channels. In open water, when fish are suspended deep, and you need weight to keep your baits in the "zone", not so good.

    Most of them seem to have a faster tip action that loads up too much when I use the weight I need to match conditions. In choppy conditions with 3/4 or 1 oz. of lead and fish at 20', I have a hard time telling what the hell my baits are doing when the rod tip spends half its time under water. It's hard to explain, but easy to see when you try it on the water. They do have their place, but for me they are not "all around" for what I do.

    I haven't tried Sean's rod (I think he hides it from me), but I do have several Browning "six rivers" F/F rods, and a few Berkley "Buzz Ramsey" steelhead/trout FF rods. It may just be me, but I strongly suspect that most of the genre are nothing more than run of the mill crappie jigging poles with smallmouth or trout decals applied, and retail prices doubled.

    Try before you buy Terry, had I been able to do that I'd have saved more money than I'd care to tell my wife about. My offer still stands, buddy.

    BTW, 95% of the time I use 9' to 12' rods. Other than trolling crank baits with 3 people on board, the 14'+ rods are only used when my son in law gets on my nerves, and I want to "accidentally" poke him every now and then and knock his hat off(oops, sorry), or dangle candy bars in front of Eric, just out of reach, when he say he's starving. Ever had a rogue goose hell bent on ruining your spawning area honey hole?

    That's what the 16 footers are for. ;)

    BNM poles
  19. fishermans wharehouse having big sale this weekend fri, sat., and sun. up to 25% off alot of stuff!!!!!!
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