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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassnick513, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Well everyone, I have come to conclusion that us fisherman and the duck hunters don't get a long at all. I was fishing at Stonelick over Christmas break in the bitter cold and was attempting to cross the lake. Well out of nowhere a shot rings out. So I'm looking around and see nothing. Well another comes and I here someone holler at me, "Get the hell outta the way were huntin' here." I still couldn't see them. So with me being smart, knowing they had guns I got the hell outta there. I mean I don't see much difference their hunting daffy duck and I'm out there hunting larry largemouth. Any difference?
  2. just a heads up to any hunters who do something IGNORANT and STUPID like that... lots of us fishermen (including myself) carry a firearm as well. i would consider ANY shot in my direction a threat against my life and might just send a clip full of rounds back!! :mad: if you are close enough to holler then why shoot?

  3. I mean damn, were sharing the water with them why can't they share the water with us?
  4. If that lake has a drawing for blinds, you can find out who it was. It sounds like you couldn't tell where it was coming from, though.

    Those were some real ***holes who demonstrated that they can't be trusted with firearms. It's really too bad that you didn't know where it was coming from because you and a ranger (or Deputy) could have walked right up behind their blind and they would never have seen you coming. (Busted!)
  5. I mean we know the general area but couldn't pin point them. They had some pretty good camo!

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    I ran into some at Eastfork at the dock while putting in the other day and they were real nice guys. I try to avoid any duck or geese set ups but some guys can be idiots. I guess this is why I usually go to the woods rather than the water this time of year.
  7. Unfortunately this is not just a struggle between duck hunters and fishermen, but duck hunters and other duck hunters. I had a short stint of duck hunting with my dad a few years ago, and during that time I found some duck hunters can be really nice and others can just be plain a** holes. Some would approach us saying they were land owners or blind holders when they were not, just to get us out of the area. On a couple of occasions we heard shot raining through the tree tops above us, I can only assume this was accidental but still scary.
  8. How is it accidental when you look up and see no ducks or geese?????!!!!!
  9. TeamPlaker

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    I've had two accidental meetings with duck hunters and neither were unpleasant. Two years ago I went to fish a creek mouth on the Ohio, came through the woods and there was a guy there with decoys out. I said "Sorry buddy, didn't see you." He said "No problem." That was that.
    Second was about 3 weeks ago, my buddy and I went to fish a spot on the LMR and I didn't even see the guys before I started casting. They packed up and left without a word. I would've gladly packed up and left myself if I had seen that they were there.
    I respect a hunter's rights as much as I would another fisherman, if they were there first I'll pack up my stuff and move along to another spot. Luckily, I've never had to deal with a jerk or someone firing shots in my direction.
  10. A few years ago I was at Acton Lake just looking the place over and walked right up on a duck blind. I mean it was camoflaged to the hilt! I walked away from it and was standing near the south end of the beach. Here comes this group of yuppies with their bottled water and binoculars. They stopped when they saw this flock of geese approaching and were ooing & awwing about how beautiful the birds were. About this time 2 hunters appear out of another blind and opened up with the pump guns. Geese and feathers were dropping all over the place and I thought the yuppies were going to pass out!

    They were yelling and screaming and trying to call the law on their cell phones which did not work in that location. The women were crying and I just couldn't keep from laughing. ( I laugh at strange times.) I guess the State should have put up some warning signs but then again, maybe not. I still have to smile when I think about it.

  11. That's priceless!

    Think about all the idiots you've ran into. Duck hunters, deer hunters, fisherman, drivers, your co-workers.................They are among us. You can't get rid of them. Of course, most of those idiots won't shoot at or near you. That's too bad.
  12. I am an avid waterfowl hunter. As I assume you are all avid fishermen.
    From my viewpoint I see problems arising from fishermen fishing to close to decoy spreads. Waterfowlers have a 60 day season very small window for doing what we love to do. There is no reason to shoot at or near anyone in the situation mentioned above. Common courtesy and sense go along way.Me being a waterfowler If I came to a lake launched my boat and found a fishermen sitting where i wanted to be I would move to another spot. Alot of times I have seen where fishermen come to close to decoy spreads. This year during early goose season i had a guy try to set up right in my decoys. That is my .02 cents.
  13. Well we were still a good distance away from where we saw the decoy's.
  14. Zfishman

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    Bassnik said, ..."I mean I don't see much difference their hunting daffy duck and I'm out there hunting larry largemouth. Any difference?"

    There is a difference. Your presence will keep the ducks away. The hunter's presence has no affect on your bass. You can fish in another place. If they are in a permanent blind, they cannot move. I would never try to justify the reaction from these hunters, it was wrong. But consider the other sportsman's limitation and compare it to your own and adjust accordingly.

    I recently went to my blind on CC by boat and there was someone fishing near the blind. As I landed my boat, it was obvious to him that I was there to hunt and he moved on around the corner out of site. I appreciated his thoughtfulness and if he had not moved I would have asked him kindly for the area explaining to him why, if necessary. I saw the same fisherman several times that day crossing the lake and I cheered him everytime because he would stir up the ducks sitting on the lake where I could see them but way out of my range. Once airborne, they just might land at my blind. I fish also, but during this short hunting season I would yield to the duck hunter in respect of his limitations. Just my 2 cents worth.
  15. Wiper Swiper

    Wiper Swiper Banned

    Not to go too negative, but I'll bet these type confrontations become more frequent as wildlife officers continue to ignore a real problem. Having been in a similar situation ( was worse) several years ago, and knowing the name of the shooter, I was told by the park manager and the game warden that it would just be my word against his. There wasn't much they could or would do. I thought about calling the sheriff department, but knew the response would be about the same.

    Especially with the recent early nuisance seasons, waterfowlers are increasingly present during our ever lengthening fishing season. The State is beholden to stocking cold water biters like saugeye and wipers...yet hasn't even considered that that there would be increased competition between anglers and hunters for the same public space. They've left us to "work it out" while one pissed-off side is packin'! I'm all for an armed society being a polite society...but, I was hoping carrying my 9mm to fish after labor day wasn't going to be necessary. And what happens when I return a warning shot??? Anyone have any idea what the charge is for discharging a hand gun in a state park?

    I do try and avoid decoys. I wish duck hunters would not break the law and leave them unattended, or string them all the way across the channel. I wish duck hunters would understand that if the weather's warm even pleasure boaters will be out for a pontoon ride. I wish duck hunters would stop looking at this as a game of "rock, paper, scissors" before someone gets shot. I wish wildlife officers would engage their brain and be practical.

    Age old blind sites may need re-evaluated. "Off limits" areas may need to be considered. "Shooting only" times may need to be established. Smaller lakes may have to stop "at large" hunting. 'Harrassment" by either side may require new definitions and increased enforcement. But, the one thing I know for sure is that the dynamics have changed...yet management remains antiquated.

    Before all the level headed anglers and hunters pipe up to say this can all be solved with a little common courtesy...let me remind you that common sense ain't all that common anymore.

  16. Nightprowler

    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter

    How come they assign duck hunting spots on every point in the lake, knowing they are also some of the best fishing spots? Maybe a, Duck hunter this side of the lake and Fisherman the other side would work....I know I'd like to see something like that with pleasure boaters/jet skiers versus Fisherman.
  17. I have about a hundred similar scenerios as TeamPlaker- never had a problem.

    I'm on the angling side of the blind in NE Ohio with many popular watersheds such as LaDue and Mogadore.

    Many variables I could discuss from both ends but won't try to dissect. The bottom line to it is follow that rule... do to others as would have done to you.

    Often folks in the outdoors have to actually communicate verbally opposed to mind reading to make sucha thing effectively happen. THAT is the biggest problem- failing to communicate on either side.

    From my perspective regionally most duckers and bassers get along like peas and carrots.

  18. duckman

    duckman Dr Data

    Ditto Nipi

    We tend to read the last post of a thread and read it within the context of our own bias/view. Make sure you read the whole thread. There are usually good points to both sides.

    Since everyone thinks they are the center of universe and can't play well in the sandbox maybe we should all have to go to a daily drawing to use public properties and be instructed on when and where we can go and to do what.

    Better yet lets gate them all and no one can use them.

    Over the top response right?

    The point is we all need to be aware of activities of others ... not go tribal and territorial.
  19. No there is no difference in us bass fisherman going after bass and the duck hunters going after ducks. If we can't see the duck hunters due to camo and they shoot before talking that is total BS. If I were a duck hunter and someone came close to me I would never shoot at them.
  20. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Your definition of a good distance is most certainly different from the duck hunter's. I would say if you are within 150 yards that is definitely too close. And at Stonelick, just about anywhere on that lake is going to be detrimental to his hunt.

    And as for not thinking that the duck hunting and your bass fishing is no different, you are dead WRONG!! You are able to move around in a boat, he is locked into his spread and permanent blind. You are lessening his chances of killing a duck, while he is not impeding your fish by letting them know humans are in the area.

    And this is coming from a bass fishermen, I have seen way too many people get too close to decoy sets when they absolutely did not have too. People either don't care or are just stupid. I avoid entire areas of lakes when I see decoy spreads, if only more people did the same.
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