fished Woodland Mount Friday again

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  1. Same conditions as last report. Burned 20 bait fish but finally caught something....a gar. Had to fish one of my poles out on the first bite. Wasn't paying attention after about an hour of waiting and got one of those unforgiving heading for the Mississippi full out all at once strikes. The fishing stick made a nice crack as the reel hit it or I would have lost it. Caught it in 2 feet of water before it made it off the sandbar...whew. What ever it was broke 50lb braid fray ( and not at my knots)...probably my toothy friends. Nothing like a good strike to clean the cobwebs.

    Caught the gar at 3:55am. Fished from 9pm until 4am. Goldfish ruled, but caught the gar on a 6" chub. Used 4" shiners too, but they got picked off the hooks like something had a fork. Fish started hitting at 10pm and were pretty steady until 1am. Nothing from 1 to 2:30 and then it started back up until I was too tired to care....i.e. 4am. There were 3 other groups bank fishing. No one caught anything, but I could hear bait-clickers all night and a lot of swearing...:0

    I now know that the hits I get where I strike and there is nothing are probably gar, particularly if the bait is gone as a result. Also, I noticed when I did get a piece of the fish during a strike, if it rolled on top right afterward it was probably a gar (flashlight). Forget catching gar on circle hooks. Didn't bring one in until I switched to #6 Octopus. Thought I hooked him, but he was just mean...let go of the hook after he made shore. Not a mark on him.

    Are there any strategies for NOT catching gar in an area where there are cats? Do you try to fish deeper, find more cover, or do you just have to get used to them and hope they get full? Also, is it me, or are there a bazillion little shad out right now? The water at night looks like shooting stars from the turning shad.

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