Fished whetstone 7/19/2008

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    Hello, just got back from fishing whetstone. What a beautiful morning. I was in the water at around 5:15 A.M. The water wasn't too bad, a little stained, but not bad. My buddie and I both had several nice smallies on and lost them. One broke my buddies line. I caught several largemouth, no real nice size to any of them. The bite was tough and we caught most of our fish just downstream of the rapids. We didn't see any other fisherman. Several racoons were swimming around in the water which was fun to watch until the seen us. Also, I was walking beside a log and a huge black snake took off in the grass and scared the crap out of me. It was only 3 feet away from me when it took off and I was in the water up to my stomach and couldn't get away fast enough. whew!!! I didn't catch any on spinner baits. The nicest smallie I had on was caught on a pumpkin seed tube and it was a really nice fish. My lure flew out of the water and about hit me in the face. Man, I wish I could have landed him. oh well!! good luck to all. Also, we caught all other fish on rebel wee craw. My buddy caught several rock bass and nice bluegill on small spinners.