Fished West Branch today....

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  1. I fished off the State ramp across from the marina by the dam. Water is clear, ice is good,fishing terrible...... Any suggestions or help with this lake would be greatly appreciated. I live in alliance and mainly fish Berlin, but had to drive all the way to West Branch for bait. B.T.W im a nubie here and enjoy meeting new people. Think Ill give skeeter a try sat so if you see a big grey shapell stop by and say hi............
    Going to Berlin fri morn try my old honey hole. Ill give a report fri night since I havnt seen much posted.
  2. what exactly was the ice like? can't help you out on finding any fish yet through the ice but i sure would like to give it a try if there is good ice all over. caught some GIANT crappies there this spring. if i head up there i'll give you my report.

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    hey welcome to the site. i tried there once and didnt catch anything either, but that was a couple years ago. are the parking lots plowed? theres a lot of places there to explore.
  4. Thanx for the welcome. Yeah lot was plowed. Caught 4 walleye sat morn at berlin. Only 2 were legal size 22", 23"other 2 were 14 1/2 going to go out tommorow morn (sun) not sure if going to skeeter or berlin. Big grey shapell if ya see me say hi
  5. paintEd and I went to Berlin yesterday. Nuttin! Saw about 20 guys throughout the day in the area and heard of nuttin being caught. My first time there. I hope there are better days!