Fished vermilion this AM

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by SteelinaTrout, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Made some plans to get up early this morning and go fish the v if it wasnt pouring... got up and no rain. picked up my buddy and hit the hole and found a flash flood. Water was very high and muddy. we actually found a calm spot and threw in a line because my buddy in not a morning person so we didnt want to get up and go out for nothing... to my surprise he caught a minnow...we saw a few fish jumping but not too much action.... this high water should push all that chrome to some new spots and make for some good fishing this weekend:D ...see you all out there!
  2. I was out there this morning too and found a rod and reel as you seen in my previous post. I cant beleive you actually fished that crap, but if i were in your shoes i would have done the same. I dodnt take my rod with me just my dog and my walking stick... good to see at least a minnow was biting :B and you are absolutly right the fishing should be great this weekend if the rain holds off until then. Hey try using an egg pattern i have found that after high muddy waters the egg pattern can be productive! just a thought.

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    It was me! I caught the minnow:B . should of took a pic of that monster! maybe a fish ohio shiner.. ya a egg pattern is what we used. I was using a size 12 single green glo egg with a beadhead and indicator. Ya believe it or not we actually fished that crap.but its better than my aquarium at home ;) . actually we take whatever day we can get off. even tho the river is acting a fool I'd rather go than just sit home all day and do nothing. steelin is right and I am never really up early. I am not a morning person but found it not to be too bad! actually I can't wait to do it again! I bet if the water was good we would of gotten lucky. this flood better bring in the steel farther!
    If not I have no idea what there waiting for!