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Fished the Rocky today and met Jig

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. I am not that all up on this steelhead stuff but I like the way the Rocky looks today and can't wait to get Fri morn, at some point depending on the weather...
    I am still learning and it was real nice to talk to Dingo today... He knows the river that is a fact and shares tips one right after another... Next time we meet I;ll have a tape recorder hahahaa :D
    I saw one caught and snapped a photo of the lucky angler who also caught it in the hole I wanted to fish sniff sniff :( ;)

  2. Dingo


    I was me that you met today. You should have followed me further upstream. Found some fish after a bit of looking for clearer water. Actually found a pod of very active fish that were rolling around in a run of fairly deep (chest deep or so) water. Water conditions improved as I moved upstream. Not many folks out fishing this afternoon. Didn't have anyone fish within a quarter mile of me today.

  3. hahahaa I knew it was you and still types Jig LMAO... been a long day...
    Hey man thats cool I seen where you parked and thought I saw you out but had to make the end run to the house...
    I'll be out sometime in the morn...
  4. Is the title better now LMAO
  5. Oh yea... a guy fished by me for awhile and said one of those forks was real muddy maybe some construction going on up stream, just like you said, and he said the other fork was very clear...
  6. let me guess the east branch was more clear then the west branch???? It couldn't be b/c of the 1,000 + houses being built in berea/olmsted falls area could it?