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Fished the Ohio at Woodland Mound

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Bank fished from 7:30pm until 12:30pm near the Woodland Mound boat ramp. Tried snelling all my hooks and used a #8 Octopus on one pole and a #6 circle on the other. Bait was a combo of goldfish, shiners and sucker/chubs...all purchased I might add. The shiners and goldfish were real popular, and then the smaller suckers. Big stuff got nada.

    Water was slow and surprising clear for the river. Gravel/mud bottom...not much cover. About 10-15 feet deep with a good cast. The channel is too far out to reach from shore unless you're superman with a 20 foot pole and a half-pound weight. I could see sunken trees at the edge of the channel.

    Other than YET ANOTHER FREAKIN TURTLE, nada. Had some great runs, real screamers, but no hookups. Missed 5 on the circle hook. One of those I had on for about a minute before he threw the hook...not big....maybe 10 lbs and probably a channel.

    On the circle-hook pole, I waited for the big dip in the pole, but it never happened. In and out...In and out...Then one big run and no bait or completely scaled bait. I think they were small.

    The Octopus hook pole got hammered a few times, but the run always stopped short after I picked up the pole. All the bait used was in the 5-6 inch range except one 10" sucker that died on the hook from lack of attention...which sucked.

    There we 2 younger guys down there with me for a while with chicken livers. They caught 1 striper and 1 little channel. Another guy down there had some big runs but was striking air too.

    This has been the strangest year for fishing for me pretty much ever. Haven't caught one carp. The cats have apparently decided to torment me, and my bass expirences have left me with a deep desire to sit in a lawn chair and fish late at night away from people.....and then there's the turtles... I swear, the sound of my sinker hitting the water will draw a backstroker in from 10 miles out. I wish it worked for cats too...;)

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  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Very nice report !!! Overall, beats the heck out of no fishin ;) Thanks for reporting in. THE CATKING !!!

  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Great report, you're definitally getting into the turtles.