fished Portage lake today

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    me and the pops went out to P.L on the east res. fished for 3 1/2 hours and went through 7 doz. of minnows. Fished a dead fall in 10' of water until the crappie went a little deeper when the sun hit the water and found them on a drop off 20' from the tip of the dead fall. alot of small ones but still took alot of nice ones home. Water was merky-stained and temp was most of the crappie drop shotting, minnow 2 feet of the bottom.:D

    Hey Big Daddy, you parked right next to us. I had the black truck with the fish coming out the window!!!!!!
  2. Hey Bob, I was fishing with Txtransplant out there today. Glad you did well on the crappie. The bass fishing was kind of slow but we had a great time regardless.

  3. Sorry I missed you Bob! We stayed in Turkeyfoot and Mud all day... trolling motor died (battery).

    Sure was windy!

    Glad you got into some fish.
  4. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    hey Joel, i havnt bass fished portage yet, want to but think it would be kind of hard with the boat i have. Talked to some guys at the launch and they did really good on white spinnerbaits and i think he said fat boys!!!!!
    it was a good day but the little 4" perch were peeing us off.