Fished out east.

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by steelheadBob, Nov 23, 2008.

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    I took out Bigbassin07 and his dad out east this morning and we were in slush hell. Walked about a mile and started at a good hole but couldnt keep up with the slush. Slush didnt burn off till about 11 oclock and it was on from there. Brad and his dad started hammering them, i was getting wooped running over the rocks back and forth with the net. His dad got his first steel. Brad got a nice 9 lb hen. The rivers are flowing strong and with this sun the river rose up about a foot while we were there. All fish on brown eggs(green sacks) and 2 on green sucker spawn, we had to leave cus we ran out of sacks LOLOL. Seen Fisherman419 down there and he got a nice one next to us. I stopped at dan. park at chagrin and was able to get into a few there but water was really murky, about a foot vis. Heres a couple of pics of brad. He has the rest on his camera.
    Theres fish419 behind Brad.


    Heres a couple of hens i kept. Brad caught the bigger one.

  2. haha i knew you would stop somewhere on the way home...had to get into some more fish huh lol....your welcome for the workout today running back and forth lol...but of course couldnt do it without the trusted leadership of THE STEELHEAD BOB...thanks again

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    work out was fine cus i had good company to run for.
  4. Hey bob, I was at d-park also. I got skunked there though, where were you standin? I too ran out of steelie eggs, so had to use erie's eggs that I got the other day! You didn't miss anything at the Chagrin earlier, it was a slush fest also, I did manage one, but that's it!

    Looks like you guys had a good time! I should have just kept driving east! HA
  5. Nice pics Bob. I might try to fish that stretch sometime this year.
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    Nice job guys I was down there on saturday and it was slush hell all day saturday only got one up river from there thru the slush.