fished oshay near bellepoint 0715/08

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  1. i fished oshay this eve from 500p-900p, launched at bellepoint and went north in the scioto, water was very stained but not high and not running fast...but got a little fast the furthr north i went, but chocolate milk the whole way. i think this was the first time this year i was skunked...i might have had one early in the year in the spring i cant remember, but that sucked... ive been doing really well for the past two months at alum, oshay on the south end, hargus, deer creek. oh well it was bound to happen! jsut giving a report for the waders and yakkers on water conditions on the north end...its nothing like south oshay. i saw two yakkers that turned around up near some fast moving water, i was anchored in it searching for some smallies. tried buzzbait, shallow wake crank, 4ft crank, spinnerbait, black/blue jig, junebug shakyhead worm
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    i live in prospect and the water up my way is just starting to get it's greenish tint back but it is still pretty muddy. i went out sunday and managed two samllies12&14" and about six crappie white was a hot color all but one came on white and one on firetiger

  3. white in muddy water huh.....hmmm interesting, ive always thought the dark colors worked in muddy water...i have to chuck ot some white cranks or buzzes, or spinners next timeand experiment with that!